Let’s Talk About Mayuyu’s Vocal Ability

  May 4, 2012

According to recent move (i.e MV of Manatsu no Sound Good!), Mayuyu may be going to be the next center of AKB. While she hasn’t stuck up to the talent of Acchan, Mayuyu has been tremendously improved her dance and vocal skill over these years by sheer effort. My question is Mayuyu, who is sort of  a hardworking-girl rather than genius can be real Ace of AKB48?

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So how is your thought after you listened to Synchro Tokimeki by Mayuyu (シンクロときめき)?
First of all, she sings live!!

Her vocal is kinda like Kojiharu but Mayuyu has a stronger vocal (though both has narrow range of vocal, which can been seen in high-pitched part).

This song sings a school scene in which a girl climb up a fence (gate is shuttered since it’s too late) of school and managed to reach a classroom.

By the way Coupling to this song (サバの缶詰 / Saba no Kanzume: Ending theme of Saba-Dol) is also a nice tune.

Tune and Choreo is somewhat like 80’s idol song but MV describes Mayuyu’s personality really well.

Powerful vocal of Mayuyu can been seen in this video
残酷な天使のテーゼ / Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis

During her early days I’d thought her voice has sweet tone, but sometimes her voice got unstable and off rhythm. But after years of experience, I guess she trained so hard, now she can sing really professionally that I can enjoy her performance without any worry!

I bet some major artist, if not Katy Perry, will be in love with her….

The cameraman who took this video really knows how to capture Mayuyu’s divine beauty… The closer, the better.

Mini live at Sony Music Entertainment Office
Is there anyone who made your mind to work for SME after watched this?

It’s a famous fact among fans she is poor at lip syncing but is that her own way to protest management who force the to do lip sync at a show?

How Many (Tentative) Aces Will AKB48 Have After Acchan?
Don’t underestimate Mayuyu, she is da Boss!