NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki’s sleepover with a guy as reported by Shukan Bunshun

  March 13, 2014
NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki Shunkan Bunshun Sleepover Scandal

This article was published on Shukan Bunshun’s (週刊文春) website on 2014/03/12 18:00.

NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki's sleepover with a handsome guy, Kobayashi Yoshinori is depressed

SOURCE NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki

NMB48 -widely known as AKB group’s “Kansai Branch”- member, who also acts as the center, Watanabe Miyuki / Milky~ (20 yo), was photographed on her second house by in Shinagawa Ward in Tokyo by Shukan Bunshun.

It appears that she had a sleepover with a famous model. We will be publishing the photographs on our 13th of March 2014 publication.

A long-time big AKB fan and manga artist, Kobayashi Yoshinori, who’s been supporting her for a considerable amount of time and who against our publications about AKB members so far, commented that 「 Milky definitely won’t betray (the fans) 」, this time dropped his shoulders and said “I’m depressed”.

Last year, when Kobayashi visited one of AKB’s performances,
Watanabe told him that「 I definitely won’t betray you!! 」

We still haven’t received any response from the company that Watanabe is under, whereas the model that was seen with her have denied the allegations.

Our HKT48 General Manager has something to say to this…

Milky ranked 174 out of 180 in this year's Lucky Girl Ranking

Milky ranked 174 out of 180 in this year’s AKBINGO! Lucky Girl Ranking

Update: Photographs from Shukan Bunshun

NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki Shukan Bunshun Sleepover Scandal NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki Shukan Bunshun Sleepover Scandal


Afterthought by Tommy

“The true face of Milky is turned to be a real-life Waruky. Being a fisher pleased fans, not because she’s good at flirting, but because there’s an unspoken trust that connects her and fans, and ‘fishing’ was a fun take to confirm that connection.

As one famous comedian says, ‘There’d be no one who spends ton of money and stalks you wherever you go just to root for you if you date with other guys.’ Now we lost all faith in *Waruky* after she abused what Yuko described ‘Selfless Love’ from fans.”

Now the real question is: Will this hurt her career in Showbiz?

Love Ban law has been practically gone when Akimoto Yasushi said the rule was just an analogy, it’s a choice, not a compulsion.

As everyone knows, Sashihara ruined her idol status after Shukan Bunshun published her sex scandal, nevertheless, fans still support her, and even strangely she’s back and become even bigger and went on to become the third member who won General Election by dethroning Yuko in 2013 AKB48 Sousenkyo. So, given the Sashihara’s turnaround (and Miichan’s) now we can say it’s proved that while some people hate dating scandal and place a supreme value on *purity* (or virginity), some find it captivating when a girl tries to suck it up and endure the heat.

But it’s also clear, fans of Waruky is not a kind of people who like Sashihara. Will they love it when Waruky jokes about her dating scandal? Probably not…

Yoshirin says Bunshun had to conduct an interview with him, because, unlike Sashihara, Milky is still far from famous. Without adding his name and opinion to the story, people would never find it worth reading.

What’s certain is, after Milky indirectly told her fans one of the few biggest reasons why she deserves their love was merely an imagination on their part, the rest of 2014 will be the toughest year for her.

Yoshirin just posted what is to be his second blog post of the day.

I heard there’re still some fans who (religiously) believe Bunshun’s report is an outright lie and she’s innocent.
They argue that it’s possible that Yoshimoto will sue against Shukan Bunshun over the article, or Milky will publish an official statement after consulting with staffs at the agency.

To be honest, I hope they will.

I’ll be absolutely happy if it turns to be Bunshun’s made-up story.
I’ll apologize if the story told in the article was fabricated.

It’s a human nature that one picks, chooses, swallows and believes what they want to believe, but never what goes counter to their cherished ideas.
It’s no different than religions, and it’s true AKB48 has some really devoted believers.
And so, they’ve learned that the most effective way to deal with scandals or unexpected troubles is just to *ignore* them.

Now I’m not a kind of fan who believes AKB48 members with religious devotion.
I can root for them, cheer up, and support them without such strong belief.
But at the same time, I have no trouble when there are some fans who have pure faith in members.
I even encourage them to believe in members.


Matsumoto Hitoshi

Recently another famous name, comedian Matsumoto Hitoshi, told on TV that he once took a legal action against Shukan Bunshun over what he saw as a made-up lie that unfairly damages his reputation.

Court admitted that what was written in the article was indeed a made up story. Nevertheless their final conclusion by the judges was against Matsumoto. The reason, they explained, was because “it’s impossible to prove that the article published by Bunshun damaged his social reputation“.

Matsumoto, thus, stressed that people shouldn’t believe articles tabloids publish are telling truth just because people in those articles don’t file a lawsuit against the publishers.

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