Tomu Mutoh on G+

I was in 49th in the general election!!
Thank you so much for supporting me. I’m really grateful to you(´;ω;`)☆
This amazing ranking… and a center for futuregirls….
It’s as if I was dreaming…
I am filled with gratitude to you so much that I can’t put my feeling into words.
I’ll never waste this chance you gave to me!!
With this number, 49, in my heart, I’ll be striving harder, so please continue supporting me!!
Thank you so much!!

Ayana Shinozaki “Congratulation(^^)(^^)”
Sakura Moriyama “Congratulation!!”
Natsuki Kojima “Tomu!! My heartiest congratulation to you♡♡♡”

Ohhh Tomu is getting serious to start her breakthrough to repay you guys!!

I was thinking she would be only in the early result, but she won her seat in the final result??
What’s up with this girl????

This year will be a grueling battle for her.
It’s a battle betting on life!!

It was a big surprise that Tomu was chosen for a center for futuregirls!!
This is gonna be the most awesome experience in her career!!


There were one more thing I was pleased with!
Yuka was selected for Nextgirls!!!!!
When her name was called, I was so surprised!!
I was so happy with this!!\(^o^)/☆
I’m so happy that we, 2 of 12gen members, could have made it in top64!!!
Thank you so much(^^)!!!
Yuka, congratulation!!!!

Erena “Tomuyan, Yuka, congratulation❤”

Haha Tano-chan!!

Yeah! Tano-chan should be like this !!! lol lol

As I was paying close attention to Tomu this time, I once again realized that she is beautiful.
But I want her to improve her skill to take self-portrait!!

I couldn’t imagine that Tano-chan and Tomu would be the KKS who will lead the creation of future AKB…..
I couldn’t expect that this would happen when Tano-chan uploaded a video in which she was cheerfully shouting, “TomuTomuTomuTomu!!”.

Tano-chan is a regular member!!


Yuuka Nakanishi on G+

Thank you…. thank you…..!!!
With the feeling you put in 5592 votes in my heart…..
Thank you so much for such a happy night!!

The ranking and votes are what your many virtues gifted to you.

This was so ncie!

Nishii looks so girly in this photo!!

As long as Nishii is happy… I don’t mind if the world ends….

Come on…. if you hold such a strong feeling for her.. then you should marry her….

It was as much surprise as Masana Ohya in 2nd election!!
Nishii, congratulation!!!


Kana Kobayashi on G+

Thank you for such an amazing day!!
That hug with Sayaka was soooooo nice!!!

What an amazing photo!!!

I had a wrong idea that it’s Umechan who hugged with KK.
I thought Okaro got a slow start and lost to Umechan lol

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Akane Takayanagi on G+

I was so happy to see many SKE48 members’ names in top64.

Nakanishi-san, Masana-san, Kumi-san, Shawako, Miki-chan, Akarin, Ogi-chan, Yuria, Kanon, Kaotan

Jurina-san, Rena-san

and…. Airin and Manatsu…. I’ve walked together with the 2 girls from the starting point of my career.
When I’m having a tough time, they are always with me.
Thank you….

 Everyone who sent your congratulation to me.
Thank you so much.

As we know, Churi-san loves Manatsu and Airin so much.

She separated 2gen members of team Kll from others… Takayanagi-san…. you’re awesome!

I guess she loves Kll, but more precisely, she loves 2gen of team Kll.

Which she loves more, team Kll or 2gen of SKE??

1gen members of SKE who ranked in top64: Masana Ohya, Jurina Matsui, Rena Matsui, Kumi Yagami, Yuuka Nakanishi (4gen KKS of AKB)*
*transferred from AKB
2gen: Akane Takayanagi, Airi Furukawa, Manatsu Mukaida
3gen: Shiori Ogiso, Yuria Kizaki, Akari Suda, Sawako Hata, Miki Yakata, Kaori Matsumura
4gen: Kanon Kimoto


Mariya Nagao on G+

I was 39th in the election.
I’m so happy with this…
7,809 votes, that’s an amazing number.
I am always given a supportive push on my back from you, and this time, too.
Thank you so much.
I think now I feel joy, sorrow and mortification together with you.
When I’m mortified, everyone is mortified.
When I’m happy, everyone is happy.
Please be by my side….
Thank you so much.


Her face…. I guess she was in tears.


I was in rapture!!!

Ohhhh she proposed to me~~!!


Yagi! Congratulation!! You are 2nd in team 4!!

Yagishan…. was playing a center for Everyday Cachucha among all those familiar faces!!

Her moved face makes her all the more cute today….


Kaoru Mitsumune on G+

Thank you so much

I’m sorry for crying whole time…..
Sorry for causing you pain….

At last, I glared at the venue… I’m sorry… I took my frustration and disappointment out on others….

I must start over….

I must dedicate more….  dedicate everything to AKB48….

But… I don’t feel like I’ll lose to anyone from tomorrow.
I don’t have any single feeling to lose to someone else.
I give everything to AKB48.

Mittsu!! Don’t let yourself down!(´・ω・`)

What wrong with this girl?
She’d assumed that she could make it in top64???

LOL I don’t find this wrong!! She is so honest!!

What I love to see is this kind of comment!!!!!!!!!!!
It conveys her passion!!! So she is not in AKB48 half-heartedly!!!

Yeah. Expressing her spirit of commitment to AKB48 is not a bad thing at all!

She is conceited too much.

I don’t mind if she is conceited. So she was so mortified and resented herself, I guess.
It’s nice of her to face the reality, and taking this kind of bitter experience seriously helps members grow.

I will support you in the next election~!!
I really like girls like her!!

I am not a hater to those who honestly express their feeling like her at all.

Okay! Let’s start over from theater stage lesson!!

A member who can crush Shinoda might be this girl…

The number of participant will increase next year, so just being humble will no good for her.
As Kojiharu said, she gotta make people become her 1-Oshi if she wants them to vote for her.
And as Mariko said, she gotta challenge members above her and grab her position!

Who Mariko, Yuko and Tomochin are anticipating to come is this kind of girl, I guess.
Honestly, I was kind of Anti of her,

but her stirring message  was conveyed to me. I expect that she will grab a decent position in the next election.

Yes, members should express their fighting spirit to this degree.
If they are out of ranking and just hesitantly say “thank you for voting for me. I will do my best for the next chance.”, then it’s difficult to convey your passion and devotion.

I hope there’ll be more and more girls like her and show us an rousing Drama!

Despite the fact that she is still KKS, she was expecting that she will win the election seat.
How can I say…. I think it’s wonderful to have this level of fighting instinct.
Girls like this will surely rise to the top.
By the way, looks wise she is already in top positions, I think. 

I approve your passion.
“I glared at the venue… I’m sorry… I took my frustration and disappointment out on others….”
What the heck is this lol I don’t think she will be my Oshi, but she is a nice and amusing girl!

I think she had a confidence that she would rank in.
Given the fact the Winners’ slot was increased to 64…
And she lost. It was a total loss for her.If she didn’t say she is not disappointed, it would sound like a lie.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can express all of your feeling explicitly…. but it’s up to her whether she can grow from this experience…

uhmmm Honestly I couldn’t expect she won’t made it in top64…. This is one of the surprises in this election….

That was a disappointing result for her.
Though she previously stated that she will enjoy this election, it’s hard to bear this miserable result as she had fa more media exposure than many other members who ranked in top64….
But it’s just because it was too early for her to achieve results in the election…
This is the starting point for her breakthrough.

The point is whether she can have hardcore Ota’s passionate support or not.
It may be difficult as she has too much everything….

As management wished, she maybe has brought new fans to AKB,
but these people haven’t yet grown up to be Ota who vote hundreds of votes for her…. including me….

She is so handsome….!!!

From winning the grand prix of Kobe Collection to total loss in AKB48’s election…
Story is set.
Her ascend will start from now!!

So Kaoru Mitsumune will become stronger after this major setback…. We will see…
That makes me so excited.
I’m for you, Kaoru!

Even though she is Osare, it was still hard for her to rank in…
So it was so heartbreaking for her that she couldn’t stop crying, we find the meaning to cheer her up for her next challenge…

source G+, Matomeber