“Let’s talk about your impression on Jiji’s official video “News Flash!! Top3 are Oshima, Kashiwagi and Mayu!”

Yesterday’s stage at AKB theater was performed by team B.
This footage introduces the live annoucement from 32-1st. (from 1:18~)

As we expected, there was a huge chant of surprise when Umechan’s name was announced!!

Even though we already knew she was 14th, I can’t help but being taken aback by the surprise! 

Mariyanne looks so chagrined…

I wanted to see Nishishi at 63th….

I laughed so hard that while Mayuyu got chants of female fans, when Yukirin’s name was announced the theater was filled with chants of deep voices from male fans lol
Nyannayn, Mariko-sama, Tomochin, Yuihan and Umechan got a huge chant of (Eeeeeeeeee!!).
I think audiences were the most excited when Sassy’s name was appeared!

I think that huge reaction when Sassy’s name was announced was mainly because it confirmed that both Mayuyu and Yukirin were in top3!!

Yukirin looked like she was thinking that she was 3rd when TGSK said “3rd team B….”

Yeah, her reaction was like that lol

Mariyanne standing behind TGSK silently listening to he announcing top64….
It’s hurting to see her…. but she looks cute….. lol

Mariyanne  (´・_・`) 

Comeo on…. why they cut off the part where Komorin’s name was called… (<-....)

The Silence when Akicha’s name was called!!!!!

I thought it was an audio accident!!

LOL Everyone didn’t react at all to Akichan…. I couldn’t hear anything lol

I think it’s because 13th was too reasonable for Akichan that it’s difficult to react and get surprised….

Miichan also got silence. Basically they didn’t react much to other team members who placed reasonable positions for them.

Come on….. I at least wanted to hear surprised screams from the audiences for Sayaka Akimoto…

LOL Everyone was perplexed when they heard the name of Tomu Mutoh….

As Sassy’a name wasn’t called around 10-5th, they were gradually buzzing…. and both because of surprise and happiness that Mayu and Yukirin were in top3, the announcement of Sassy’s name got the most huge chants!

Kashiwagi-chan had the same face when she was named a captain of team B at the reformation.

“10th Sae Miyazawa!”
Ota “Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!! Sae-cha~~~~~n!! Sae-cha~~~~~~~~~~n!!” lol

Amina looks chagrined to me…

I was disgusted with the call for Churi….

Why they raise their voice at the ending of her name??


I think they were pink tickets. But this is a live stage, so it’s better to be loud than being like a funeral!!

But….. because these audiences came to watch team B’s stage, maybe B members had mixed feelings when they heard joyful chants for branch offices’ members.

I think the mood was a little awkward around the middle 20ths to 18th where names from branch offices were called in a row!! But somehow they gave a huge reaction to Airin ….!?

Looks like there’re many Airin-Oshi in Tokyo.
Maybe many of HQ fans are Airin-Oshi if hey have their Oshi in SKE48.

I was at TDC for team E’s Sakaagari Stage. There were enormously excited chants when SKE’s members names were announced!!
I was almost crying out of happiness when Nishishi’s name was called!!

It was so Moe with the scene that Masuda was biting her lips after she bowed to audiences when she was called…

Amina wasn’t pleased at all. And……. the silence when Yuko was called…..

They looked like “Okay…” when Yuko’s name was called.
Certainly only Yuko was left to be called, but…. I had a complex feeling about this.

Some reactions I found interesting.
26th Suda “Da~Su~”
20th Churi “chuRIIIIII?? chuRIIIIII???”
14th  Umechan “Wowwwwwww!! Umecha~~~n Umecha~~~~n!!”
13th Takajo “(Mute)”
11th Kojiharu “Eeeee~~~(」゚ロ゚)」~~~!!! Nyannyan!!”

Of course, Takajo’s silence was the most awesome…!! lol
And I think the non-team-B member who got the biggest chants was Sassy.

Somewhat upset reaction when Sashihara’s name was called.
The indifferent mood when Yuko was called….

It’s expected since they are fans of team B.

I think people reacted to Sassy’s name because it confirmed Mayuyu is in top3.

Anyway it’s interesting that we can clearly see that Yukirin has many male fans while Mayuyu has many female fans at least among team B Oshi.

Even if we assume most of audiences are team B Oshi,
Umechan got a reaction like “Wow this is awesome! Umachan! Congrats!”
and most of them were not satisfied with MariKoji’s relatively disappointing results….
Reaction for Sae-chan was smaller than expected, given the fact that there’re many Kashiwagi fans.
They looks like not so surprised with Tomochin’s ranking as they seemed to have somewhat expected that she would rank down a bit.
Sassy was…. I think they wanted to have fun with her.

Why they started the video from 32th~~~~~!!!!

I wanted to hear Nakayan’s name called at 36th!!!!!!!!!

from 2 channel 【総選挙】劇場での速報発表動画を見て楽しもう!