SKE48 lifetime honorary KKS Matsumura Kaori to make solo debut from indie record label – KKS for lyfe

  April 14, 2013

Yuasa Hiroshi (former SKE manager and current AKB48 manager):  

Surprise! Matsumura’s solo debut is announced!


Shiba Tomoya: Kaori Matsumura, solo project starts now!


Matsumura Kaori:

It looks like….
yeah, I will make a solo debut LOL

Limited to 1,000 copies.

I hope they’ll be sold out and additional copies will be pressed.

Everyone, please please support Matsumura Kaori and her solo project m(__)m


info: Kickstart of Matsumura Kaori’s solo project

During SKE48’s solo concert series “Things that will never change, the fact we are and will be always friends” day 2, April 14, we announced the kickstart of lifetime hornary KKS of SKE48, Kaori Matsumura’s solo project.

-The record will be released from indie label “Nishiki Dori Records” and limited to 1,000 copies

*Nishiki Dori is a name of street in Nagoya. Nishiki Dori and Hisaya Odori intersection is where Sunshine Sakae is located.


Intersection, Sunshine Sakae, Oasis 21

We have only one condition.

-When first press is all sold out, we will press additional copies. 

As soon as details are decided, w’ll announce you.

source: SKE48 official

This is the first solo project of SKE48, and Matsumura Kaori will become the first SKE48 member to make solo debut.

When a stage screen flashes the name of Matsumura and her solo debut, the concert venue was instantly filled with burst of laughters and cheers.

Even top 2 members of the group, W-Matsui (Matsui Jurina and Rena) haven’t yet gone solo. Perhaps it is Matsumura herself who understands what this project means to her the most-

“If the record won’t be sold out, do I have to graduate? I hope not…”, she said in awkwardly timid manner…

source: Nikkan



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