New Development On Tie-up with Google+, Kaori Matsumura and Rina Hirata Will Have Sleepless Nights?

  May 22, 2012

Kaori Matsumura, the creator of the nickname of Google+ in Japan, “GUGUTASU” and the oldest KKS among all 48 groups, will have sleepless nights according to Ads producer Mr. Takamatsu.

Back in April….

Satoshi Takamatsu on G+

“Tomorrow I’ll meet Google’ executive who’re now staying in Japan.
The person is Global Marketing Director at Goole.
I am going to show BBQ no 1 comeda and Hilaly’s 30 seconds English lesson to the person as examples how members talents have bloomed on G+.
It’s so exciting to introduce BBQ no 1 Comeda to Google’s manager as the representative if Japan. But do American understand 1 Comeda?
If we can choose 2 best 1 Comeda, what 1 Comeda would be? Please tell me everyone!”

“Residents of G+, can you do me a favor?
I got an outstanding offer from Mr. Takamatsu, the creator of commercials of G+….”

Today, Mr. Takamatsu gave new comment on this ongoing project.

“So I’ve received a lot of comments from you on what happens after I introduced BB 1 Comeda and Hilary’s English lesson to the executive of Google. People say I kept waiting them too long…

And it’s absolutely true…. but I have to prioritize my job before this project.
I finished a report partially, but because it has become similar to our main project, I can’t publish the report on G+…
Our main project is Advertisement (of G+) and it’s interactive campaign.
So….guess what?
Wait for a while, residents of GUGUTASU.
Time will come soon when we show our true ability.
I can promise you that sleepless nights will come.
And…. it’s will come really soon…!!
“It’s not only 1 Comeda but Hilary-Oshi may have sleepless nights too!!
Actually there’s a possibility that every fan who has Oshi-men may have sleepless nights!!
But…. it’s just a possibility and does not mean it’s will certainly come true.”

“Takamatsu-san! I’m so glad that you remember this( ´°ω°`)
I’m so happy(๑˙ o˙๑)♡
I’ll be waiting all the while!”

What their next “main project” will be like? According to Mr. Takamatsu’s G+ comments, this project basically targets on overseas fans and users of G+. How 1 Comeda and AKB movement will be translated into global language? Sounds like we can join and support the project to diminish the language and cultural barrier with our girls.