SKE48 Deguchi Aki, Matsumura Kaori share their take on fans who refuse to shake hands with members at HS event

  February 16, 2013

SKE48 member Deguchi Aki revealed on her google plus account that she was ignored by more than one fans at SKE48’s handshake event on February 11th. She raised a question, “Is that appropriate as a human?”

It often generates a discussion since at handshake event (except Kobetsu handshake event), usually more than one members are assigned to each lane. And because some fans want to keep a feeling of handshake with their Oshi or want to show their loyality to their Oshi, they refuse to shake hands with the rest of members lined up at the handshake booth.

At the handshake event, Deguchi was in the same lane with a much popular member Kimoto Kanon. And according to Deguchi’s Google Plus, she was refused to shake hands with fans for more than ten times, means fans just walked passed her after they shook hands with Kimoto Kanon.

She asked to fans on Google Plus, where probably the fans in question read her posts, whether it’s appropriate as a human to refuse handshaking at the event called “hand shake event”.

“Although the event is supposed to be fun, I couldn’t have fun that day.”

On February 14th, in SKE48’s Kenkyusei, Matsumura Kaori’s video show “1Komeda”, she, along with fellow members, Kaneko Shiori, went into more depth of the issue.

Although Matsumura’s remarks sound a little bit aggressive, the members agreed to her when she said,

“I feel very grateful that people buy handshake tickets to meet us, and wait in a long long line at the event venue. I’m truly grateful to fans about this.

But honestly I don’t want fans who refuse to shake hands with other members to become a fan of me.”

Kimoto Kanon, who happened to be in a delicate position on this matter, made an apology by making a comment on Deguchi Aki’s post.

“I’m so sorry that I couldn’t notice it soon.

It made me sad, too…..” She wrote.

Of course, Deguchi Aki defended Kanon, saying in the video that “Kanon did nothing wrong.”



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