AKB48 Takahashi Minami confessed her distress, “Me as Soukantoku is different from me as a normal person”

  February 16, 2013

AKB48 member Takahashi Minami confesses her distress for being Soukantoku (General Coach) of the idol group in yesterday’s broadcasing of “Kokoga Hendayo AKB48! Kininaru Uwasa Subete Kotaemasu” (This is what’s odd about AKB48! – Answer to all of rumors that you’re curious about)

When examined by a fortune teller in the program, Takahashi teafully confessed what has stressed out her the most lately.

“Me as Soukantoku is different from me as a normal person.”


I’m expected to be Soukantoku even in my normal life (or even in a job that doesn’t relate to my role as Soukantoku) from people surrounding me.”

She shed big drops of tears as she talk.


Me as Soukantoku is different from me as a normal person.

I’m expected to behave like Soukantoku even in my normal life

On August 24th, 2012, Takahashi Minami was named Soukantoku of the whole 48G during AKB48’s first Tokyo Dome concert.

However, the pressure she has to cope with as Soukantoku of the world pop phenomenon, AKB48 and it’s all sister groups, is beyond our imagination.

“When I became Soukantoku, I was convinced since they said ‘This is a position dedicated to MVP member.’ But of course it’s not all roses. When something happened to members, I’m the member whom everyone accused of as I’m responsible for leading the group to the right direction…”

“Sometimes I lost my grip on why I’m a part of AKB48…”, Takamina continued.

The fortune teller, then, gave an advise to her,

“Love your peers more than ever.” to which Takamina nodded deeply.

AKB48 has been rattled by the chain of scandals this year, which has raised a national discussion  on Japanese way to make apology and express contrition in this global age.

On August 25th, 2012, one day after the announcement of her solo debut, Takahashi also said, “I’m scared of being alone. Thus, for me, solo act takes a lot of nerve as well.”

source: Daily


Fans reaction:

“‘If something happened to members, people come to me (to question responsibility of Takamina)…..

Come on guys…. don’t jerk her around too much…'”

“I gotta say…… those who give a shit to Takamina just because they can’t be harsh to their Oshi are……. Human Scum.

Is she a call center that has to deal with all complaints from customers? Her current situation is too tough to bear….”

“It’s too optimistic that while she doesn’t want to be criticized for other members faults, she scolds junior members as well as members of other sister groups. It’s just so normal for any kind of organization or society where there’s hierarchy and organizational structure.

But as to scandals, those who should be criticized are theater managers or members’ managers at their agencies.

It’s unfair to expect Takamina to take care of private lives of senior members.”

“One reason why fans turn to Takamina is because fans think if it’s Takamina, she may understand what you’re complaining about.

It’s because people feel an affinity with her, probably this is also an indication of her popularity.

But we may understand she goes though a lot of troubles, suffers a lot behind the scenes.

Criticizing her for members misconduct is too much. By any means, it’s the member who made a mistake or management that you should turn your criticism.”