Takahashi Minami to make her first solo appearance in nationwide TV commercial

  August 22, 2012

Congratulation, Takamina!!!!
I bet she is happy with this all the more because she likes the band!!

Buy campaign items and you will get original goods of Takahashi Minami!!

1. Everyone who purchased campaign items
・Wallpaper calendar of Takahashi Minami
・A password to download a bonus clip of Takahashi Minami

2 Those that won the lottery
・DVD that contains making footage and stylebook presented by Takahashi Minami

I’m even happier with this because a while ago, when I asked the brand if they will launch TV ads that features Takamina, they answered they have no plans for the TV ads so far….!!!!

Awesome~ Finally she got her first TV commercial aired nationwidely!!
Congratz, Takamina!!
If you allow me to be honest, I would be happier if they use a song by No Sleeves for the Ads, but I won’t ask too much.
I want to get the DVD too, so I will surely buy Kaepa’s clothings even though the campaign items are only women’s and kids sports jerseys .

They understand nothing about business…. The real target for this campaign is not women….

Why don’t you buy some and present them for your girlfriend?

I will buy one and wear as Pajamas…

Yeah, that’s a good idea.
It won’t be total trash if I wear it as Pajamas or room wears.
I need the DVD. So yeah, I will buy some.

What are you talking about? Present for your girlfriends?
Since when did you get a life!?!?!?!
So, I will buy and present it to Takamina lol

I think she already has plenty of them…. Lol
I will present for my lil sister and niece who is an elementary school kid~

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