Ryuta Takeda (Staff of TV show Ariyoshi Kyowakoku)

I would rather like to keep this a secret….
But…. actually I ate Japache (Korean dish, which pronounced “Chapuche” in Japanese) just because it has a similar pronunciation….

Ryuta Takeda “Since I heard Milky is the most ultimate “flirter (or Tsurishi (angler/fisher))” of all 48 groups, everything about her looks nonsensical and super funny!!”
Ryuta Takeda “I would rather like to keep this a secret…. but I had air-Handshake with her (in my delusional world)….”

LOL He completely got hooked on ChapuChapu….

He is completely being flirted with Milky (or we say “fished“)

Milky set “trawl net”~~~~

Milky on G+

What do you think will I do from now??? lol

I can only think of ChapuChapu

Milky on G+
I’m going to do ChapuChapu♡ // lol

To Amina-san, thank you so much to leave comments in such late night.
So did Amina-san already have ChapuChapu~?

LOL This girl….

She shows no intention to yield an inch to Amina!!!

Sayanee on G+

I took a bath~~~~!

By the way I won’t call it ChapuChapu. lol

Because it’s only cute when Milky uses it!!!

Everyone is abusing Milky’s word ChapuChapu!! (´・_・`)

Uhmmm I’m gonna be sulking….

Oh by the way, I updated my blog!

Annnin “Thomas ChapuChapu wazu~~~~!(トーマスちゃぷちゃぷわず♥←)” (<- I can't understand what she's talking lol)
Sayaka Yamamoto “Annin!!!”

Nana Yamada on G+

Wow I’m thinking the same as Sayanee. Actually recently I often think about things the same way as Sayanee.

Yes. ChupuChapu is cute because it’s used by Milky!!!

Actually I was having a sulk because everyone is using ChapuChapu too much!!!

They are right! ChapuChapu spread among members too much!! Even Nishishi is using it!!

Yuka Nakanishi on G+

I’ll be having ChapuChapu time~~~~!!

I will lose all hope in this world when TGSK starts using this word…

I think genius AkiP will probably join ChapuChapu craze when it’s necessary.

I think if it’s AkiP who we are taking about, then he will probably write a song for Milky titled ChapuChapu….

Sayaka Nakaya on G+

Good Night~~~~!!


Milky on G+
ChapuChapu was so fun♡
Though I was taking a bath alone, it was so fun♡

This is American joke….. (<- Nobody could understand how her comment above can be a joke.....)

Uhmm how can I say…. it’s not that cute leg than I expected….. LOL 

I thought the same…. lol

Shizuka Ohya

Even if there are quite some comments saying ” Anyway, don’t you take a ChapuChapu ? ”
Since ChapuChapu is Milky’s word.

Actually this term is representing Milky… like…. it’s a pronoun for Milky. ( It’s my own reason )

I’ll buy if Milky will have a song titled ChapuChapu.

It’s very cute , isn’t it ?

So let the melody of the song sounds reggae !!!

Milky “Shiisan, if you feel like ChapuChapping, Please do it, I don’t mind(つд⊂)”
Shiisan (Shiichan) “Uhmmm Because I’ve done enough of ChapuChapu yesterday, I won’t today!!”

After they exchanged with each other in the election, suddenly there are much of interaction go beyond borders of groups!!

Milky on G+


She is invincible……

Shizuka Ohya

OyasuSHIZUKISS★ (おやすしずキッス★)

Sakiko Matsui “(/–)/”

Milky “Shiisan, I admire you(゚´Д`゚). Good night.”

Mayumi Uchida “Nose.”
Sakiko “I don’t know why, but I feel disgusted…”
Shiisan “Sakiko, stop pretending you are not interested. I know you love this~~~~!!!”

It looks like Shiisan found a new friend!!

I laughed the hardest since I started using GUGUTASU!!

I spew my tea out for the first time in years!!!
It looks like they are combatible each other….

Actually Shiichan has co-starred XX with Milky already.

But I think they hadn’t interacted each other that much??

Boyfriend: Shiisan, Girlfriend: Milky

Shizuka Ohya on G+
Wait. Are we getting too crazy??

By the way, ShizuKiss is a parody. If you want to see the real one, head for Milky’s G+.
Actually the difference between Milky’s and mine is light and shade….

Mayumi Uchida “Poo”
Sakiko Matsui “You need 100 more years to parody Milky!! That was awesome!! Do it more!! (<- deliberately self-contradicting)"

I think they can aim to win buzzword contest this year with ChapuChapu….

Shizuka Ohya on G+

” Chapu Chapu ” lyrics : Sayaka Ooya Music : Dokka no Dareka ( Someone Somewehere )

“It’s raining one day
and it stopped when I noticed it ,
the weather is very fine
and it spread higher and higher

Searching at the bottom of the rainbow ,
I will bid goodbye even to the frog and the water strider .
Run faster before the ice melts .

Chapu Chapu
the blue sky’s mirror
avoid the stagnant water .
A lot of sweat is like
Roman drop that glows
Chapu Chapu
Romance’s dirt
will wash all ! !
Only pretty bath time is
the only girls magic .

Chapu Chapu”

I think I’m too much into Milky….. lol

What the heck!?!?


Nobody can stop Shiichan once she gets in this state!!!

After I read the lyric carefully…. it doesn’t make any sense lol

I think it’s Yoshimasa who uploaded Shiichan’s post!!

Sakiko on G+

I came up with the nice idea for jacket picture (for my upcoming new album) inspired by  OyasumisaKISS.

Ohhh so she incorporated ChapuChapu duck into KISS!!

Shizuka Ohya on G+
Oh it looks cute!!

This is gonna be the title of the new song of our subunit TenwaWanya Sinya.

Sakiko “Let’s fiml PV and uploaded it on GUGUTASU!!”

TenwaWanya Sinya. lol (Hectic Midnight)

ChapuChapu project launched.

Shizuka Ohya on G+

(Skip – She wrote the lyric of the song)


Ohya…. she wrote 2 songs in 3 minutes…. on top of that both of them are not that bad….!!

I think it slightly became better….

I love ChapuChapu more.

Ohya’s skill to get involved in funny things up there is just too awesome….

It looks like Shiichan will probably make solo debut~~~!!!

AkiP “Ohya, good job! Let’s release a record of your song! So what’s the title of the song?”
Ohya “It’s Milky ChapuChapu
AkiP “That’s great!! So it’s gonna be Milky’s solo debut single!!”
Ohya “Oops…..”

-Members who used the term ChapuChapu (in flirting way) in their G+ posts

AKB48: Amina, Mocchi, Shiichan, Nakayan, Tanamin, Ucchii, Annin, Natsuki, Shihori (in comment form)
NMB48: Muro Kanako
SKE48: Kaori Matsumura, Makiko Saitoh, Riho Abiru,
And several other members who I haven’t confirmed yet