Though I expressed my concern that AKB will go decline this year, I think if there’s a savior, I believe it will be NMB. Though they are not widely recognized individually compared to AKB members, I promise you their performance is never disappointing and their nonsensical gag shown in TV shows are damn cute.
Milky is stating she has itchy eyes because of pollen allergy. -> damn cute
SayaNee posted a photo of Ainyan‘s back figure -> Damn cute including her backpack
Milky paparazzi-ed Ainyan in revealing summer cloths  -> Thank you so much, you’re my hero, Waruky!

Walky then posted Ainyan’s cue legs with wet compress to heal muscle pain -> Wait let me save this!
In Milky’s word, this Ainyan’s face has a sound like “Nyuru!!” -> SayaNee commented to say it’s “Nuxere” lol
Milky paparazzi-ed SayaNee as she was pretending taking a photo of herself -> Piece sign -> Waruky 
SayaNee reacted, saying “Waruky———————— x 100”
Then Milky commented (though they are together in the same room) “Sayaka-tan did you call me?”
Sayanee “Please let me touch your muscle!”
Milky “SayaNee uses the word Waruky the most in NMB.”
Then Ainyan posted I-can’t-understand-what’s-the-point-of-this photo of Waruky -> Milky style has infected her.
Waruky “SayaNee is now in makeup room and Ainyan igonores me (>ω<*)" -> Milky! Let’s Talk with me!!!!! (But who’s taking this photo?)

 SayaNee “Waruky! Don’t be too much addicted to Gugutasu! Stop playing on Aina’s back and go to fix your makeup!! And please touch your muscle!! I want to sing Waruky some day!!” -> Waruky by SayaNee = WaruNee???

SayaNee grabbed Ainayn’s back!!! -> Is her back muscle tasty?

NMB has other cute members, and I’ll introduce them in future posts. But for now,  I explain one more member who are also making the best of Google+!

Nana Yamada  “Is it only me that Shake-Hands event is like a date. I genuinely think nationwide shake-hands event is a kind of date in a moment.

 Fans reacted with comments like “Have you ever dated with someone?” “Such a big fishhook!!” “I need to go out home to date with her… right now.” “It’s so sad that we can only date for a moment..” “Man, that moment is perpetualized  and lives forever in you and Nana…” lol I think they are hardcore but really cool!