Despite All The Buzz, AKB’s True Goddess Is None Other Than Acchan

  May 3, 2012
Note: This post is initially supposed to explain one Japanese word, but for some twist changed to be about Acchan’s indescribable beauty.

Teehee Pero (or Tehe-Pero) is a newly created Japanese word to describe this cute face expression,

Teehee Pero simply means Shy Tongue Sticking Out and I was gonna post AKB members’ Teehee Pero photos here but because I found this is a good chance to introduce some photos from this book, I will make another post for it.
This is the title cover of her new photobook 不器用 Bukiyoh, and despite it’s cute cover photo, the photobook is full of revealing shots, which you’ve already seen in this blog but you maybe haven’t seen these shots below,
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AKB Members In Law Enforcement Costume!!! (And Acchan In Military Cos)