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So, Teehee Pero (or Tehe-Pero) is a newly created Japanese word to describe Acchan’s cute face expression,

But everyone! Don’t you wanna see if AKB members did this Teehee Pero face in their photos?? Yeah yeah, I heard huge chants of approval, so go ahead!!
Sae! You looks like Hippo! Where’s your beauty gone!?
Sae is over, now it’s time for our generation!! (Da~Su~ of SKE: 須田亜香里)
What you just said????
Don’t quarrel everyone~~! Waruky (Milky) is here!
Teehee Pero <3
Sexiest two-shot!!
You called me?
Teehee Pero face wins!
Teehee Beroooon!!
Am I prettier than Acchan?
I think my Teehee Pero is more shy looking…
Rena-san please lose yourself to this degree!!!
We are taught this new trendy face from young girls!!
Why you only post these nonsensical photos!! Come on!!! I think you got better photos!!!
I could only find this one….
hehehehehe Teehee
disclaimer: This photobook has dangerously high level of infectious capacity, and this is how infected people look like. lol
 end! (Thank you!)