I can reveal myself as an idol otaku. But it’s gross if I seemingly have a lingering affection for her.

Actually that’s how I have become AKB Ota….. lol

Masuda looks real like my previous wife.
Like her aggressive attitude… lol

It has nothing to do with my choice of  Oshi-men.
I’m Kojiharu-Oshi but my Ex looked like UhnnnmmmmmmmmManatsuuuuUUU!!! (Manatsu Mukaida from SKE48)

My Ex looks like Milky, and I told this to her by text message…. and have gotten no response.

Because of my Ex (looks like a certain member of AKB), I’ve become Ota and ended up being separated from her… and what followed was worst years of my life… lol

My current partner surprisingly looks like Rena Matsui, but honestly Jurina is my type of girl….

She looked like Rina Matsumoto (SKE) but my Oshi is Yukirin.

My 2 Oshi is look alike of my Ex.
If she didn’t look like Ex, then she would be my 2 Oshi.
She is Natsuki Satoh, by the way.

So you said “Ex”….. which means your are assuming that we’ve already separated with her.
So we had some problem which lead the separation.
I can’t understand this sentiment that people again come to like similar type of women after either we or our Ex caused the problem….

My husband is Acchan and Kitarie-Oshi.
And…. yeah, I’m often said to look like Acchan!! lol

I totally agree with you.The member who I think beautiful is Shinoda, but I unconsciously have chosen Akicha, ,who look like my EX,  as my Oshi lol

She doesn’t resemble at all….
I wish she did…

How can I desctibe this….basically we have our own type and it’s not something easily change as we grow..
My Oshi really looks like my wife as a young girl.

When I first saw Ryouka Oshima (KKS), I was so upset…. it was like “Wow she is improved version of my Ex girlfriend…
By the way, I’m Masuda Yuka-Oshi!!

My former girlfriend looks like Amina

Certainly my Ex looks like Sashihara…. Though my Ex was cuter than Sashiko, I found myself that now has become a huge fan of Sashiko…

Milky looks like a girl I used to like back when I was in high school.

It’s rude!! My ex-girlfriend doesn’t look like Gachapin(Miichan)!!

If Cindy gained weight of 20kg, she would become looking like my Ex.
Though I’ve never been attraceted to Cindy.

I mistakenly thought that you wrote “if Nonty (Noro) gained 20kg more weight”

My girlfriend doesn’t look like my Oshi.
If you ask me, she looks like Suzuran.
I’m Sae Oshi by the way.

Incidentally, there’s a girl who looks like Acchan in my school.
And one of my classmate looks like Okaro.

So….. the reason why I’m DD (Daredemo Suki: Fans who like every member who they know) is because I haven’t had love relationship with anyone…..!?!?

Okay, I remembered that my Oshi looked like the girl I had a crush on….
My Ex doesn’t look like any member, but my secret crush was way cuter than my Ex….. orz

She looked like Itano.
Probably she is several times as cute as Itano.
But I dumped her because I’ve got tired of her.

Now I have about 5 girlfriends, and all of them are cuter than AKB48.

About 5…. lol

My Ex has upturned eyes, and my Oshi has drooping eyes.

Thinking back now, I wonder why I didn’t have a relationship with a girl who has a similar personality to Waruky, who can delude men.What a fool I was that had avoided Waruky type of girl~~~~!!

She doesn’t look like my Oshi at all….

My Ex girlfriend is Tomochin-Oshi and looks exactly like Tomochin.
By the way she has had no plastic surgery.

Why in the wolrld you are you guys talking about your girlfriends!?!?
Come on… don’t tell a lie! I know you don’t have girlfriends!!!

LOL Why you automatically assume all AKB fans are cherry boys and quirky nerd…..

She(Ex) doesn’t look like my Oshi at all.
You know, I had a girlfriend that looks like Shawako (Sawako Hata), I would never let her leave from me…. and I would never here in the first place…. lol

My Oshi doesn’t look like my girlfriend, but she looks like my sister.

Her personality was similar to Churi….
Now I’m Akarin Oshi, by the way.

My wife….. is often said to look like Akimoto…. I mean… Yasushi.

Oh….well… alright…don’t mind….

I think it’s very common type of face for Japanese women…. lol

I had a sex with a girl who…. looks like Shinobu….. orz

Did you guys get so thrilled when you found that your Oshi-men looks like your Ex…??
Actually I got goosebumps and screamed!!!!! Tano-chan Kawaii~~~~ Tano-chan, smack!! (´;ω;`)

On the contrary, the only reason I can’t come to like my Ex girlfriend is because she looks like Kuumin….

She looks like… a girl who I have a crush on…..

I was told that my Oshi-men looks like my mom…. so how can I do???
How should I understand this word????

I found out that my mom looked like Masana Ohya when I saw her old photograph….

She was holding me in her arm in the garden of our old house…..

I know it’s impossible to get a girlfriend like these world-class beauties!!

I’m struck by the fact that hairstyle and movements my Ex makes look exactly like Yukirin.
The girl I had a crush on when I was in elementary school looked like Sae.

Looking back my school days, my girlfriend back then looked like Akicha….

But the thing is….she was like Akicha after fighting 12 rounds of boxing….

My Ex looks exactly like Mariko around when they released Ponytail.
And my Ex Ex is a look-alike of Yuria.

And I figured that I love girls with round faces.
My Oshi looks like…. not my Ex, not my girlfriend but my little sister….
As I saw her gravures on magazines, I often find she really looks like my sister.
Though…. I don’t like my little sister at all (as a woman?)

Why don’t you shake hand with your little sister?

My husband’s Ex girlfriend looks like SKE’s Hiramatsu-chan back when she was GAL. Though his Oshi is Nyan and Paruru… lol They don’t look like at all, do they?
And my Ex boyfriend resembled Mayuyu, he exactly looked like boyish girl.
By the way, what those Ex girlfriends you guy are picturing is real? Or you are just having delusion? lol

I’m a bit surprised that many of you here are married….

My ex looks like Shinoda. The girl I approached even at the cost of abandoning my girlfriend was Mayuyu lookalike. Since then, I started becoming Mayuyu-Oshi, and since then I haven’t had any girlfriend….

I guess all of you guys above are talking about your virtual experience in Ero game… so good job with all this brain exercises!!