6 topics: A fan of Umechan run Tokyo Marathon, received a congrats message from her

  February 24, 2013

Today, it’s Tokyo Marathon!

By the way, one of my fan told me that he will run Tokyo Marathon, and he said he dresses himself in my Seitansai’s hoodie((((;゚Д゚)))))))!   (*For every Seitansai -birthday celebration festival- for members, fans design a special cloth -usually T-shirts-) Let’s look for a guy in a pink hoodie!

Fan: Umechan! It looks like he run a full marathon!! Good for you! It’s probably thanks to Umechan’s support! Umechan: WOW! ((((;゚Д゚))))))) Thank you( ;; )

I’m grateful to the fact that I have so many fans that do this much for me.

Thank you. I gotta pay back to them.

Shimazaki Haruka, who pairs with Itano Tomomi at this week’s handshake event (for UZA) at Nagoya Dome, Nagoya, shared photos she took with Itano.

She calls the combi, ChinParu!

Shimazaki Haruka 2/23 11:21

We are at Handshake event for UZA in Nagoya.
Today I pair with Itano-san!

Itano Tomomi 2/23 23:46

The first day of the handshake event in Nagoya finished♥

I paired with Paruchan today, too.

According to Paruchan, it’s called ChinParu lane♥

I had so much fun at ChinParu lane(´◡͐`)

(she attached the same photo as above)


Source: Itano Tomomi Twitter

Shimazaki Haruka 2/24 17:26

Here is today’s ChinParu♥

So long!


After appointed as KKS manager of AKB48 theater in Request Hour 2013 last month, Yuasa had been not so active on Google Plus during the chain of events happening in AKB48.

Today, Yuasa for the first time shares his photo report on AKB48’s handshake event in Nagoya.

Yuasa Hiroshi 12:44 PM

They sang “So long!”.

They’re rocking Nagoya Dome!



While Mr.Togasaki today only shares photos of main stage performance, Yuasa shared BHS photos and a photo from handshake booth.

Yuasa Hiroshi 2:16 PM

Tano Yuka, Kato Rena, Ohba Mina and Takahashi Juri

Say cheese!

Yuasak Hiroshi 6:05 PM

Morikawa and Yamauchi

took at their handshake lane.



That’s all… One for each, total 2 photos….. Keep it up Mr.Yuasa!

While ChinParu at lane No.7 or Takarazuka Combi (Watanabe Mayu and Kobayashi Marina) came as expected, this combi comes totally unexpected…?

Nagao Mariya 2/23 20:13


I paired with Mayuyu-san♪

Thank you everyone for coming♪

And I acted as MC for the event held before the start of the handshake sessionヾ(´ー`)ノ。・:*:・゚’★

AHHHHH I’m hungry!!



Nagao Mariya 18:34

Been in Nagoya two days in a row!

Mayu-san! (She paired with Mayuyu today, too)

Mayu-san is so funny and cuteヾ(´ー`)ノ。・:*:・゚’★

I wish I can come to Nagoya, again!

What’s today’s dinner~~~?




 I wonder what the two girls talk about when they’re together alone…?

Kojima Haruna 2/23 14:05

Nagoya~ I pair with Yuihan this time♪ I’m so thrilled(^-^)


source: Kojima Haruna twitter

Kojima Haruna 2/23 22:30

Handshake event at Hagoya Dome, 1st day is over! Thank you so much for coming!

Yui’s voice has been such a healing to me the whole day(*´-`)

Looking forward to tomorrow!


source: Kojima Haruna twitter

Yokoyama Yui 18:45

I’ve been at Handshake event in Nagoya!

I was in the same lane with Kojiharu-san for both days at the event★

Was I able to learn a bit of refined femininity from her?

Kojiharu-san is so funny. I love her(=^x^=)



and….. of course, one of the highlights of traveling is to enjoy local food. It’s great to hear this time members really enjoyed Nagoya’s specialties,

like Tebasaki!

(Japanese-Style Deep Fried Chicken Wings: link)

and Miso Katsu!

(tonkatsu simmered in and eaten with a miso-based sauce)

and Teba-Gyoza!

(Stuffed Chicken Wing, can be literally translated into “Chicken Wing dumpling”)

Shinoda Mariko 19:16

2nd day of Nagoya Dome handshake event was over( `ω´)

Luckily in a penalty game we could hear Tomochin say a funny phrase, “Tamago Toketa” (Egg melted) The way she said “Tamago” was The way she spoke  cute LOL

It was a fun day♪

Looking forward to seeing if we can eat Nagoya’s local food for today’s dinner again(((o(*゚▽゚)o)))excited*


source: Mariko twitter

Did you spot Mr.Yuasa sitting in front of the stage, watching the performance? Pant….. okay I need to stop….

Sato A Friend of Sato Natsuki 2/23 2013

I met my friend, Natsuki. It’s been long since we last met!

Oh and I was asked by her to share her message to everyone. She is doing fine! ^^

It seems like she is into cooking lately♥


source: Twitter

Paruru’s comment on ideal fashion of men:

It’s hard to come up with fashion coordination for men.
But as for individual items, I like grey hoodie that has little twist on it.
For inner shirts, lighter color shirt, like white V-neck is preffered.
Contrast to simple tops, bottoms should have more colors. If it’s spring season, cropped pants and patterned socks, and if you add sneakers that pull the whole loook together, I will think you’re fashion-savvy.
It will be perfect if you add some elegance to your style with simple black frame glasses.

Paruru’s comment on her ideal date:

I prefer staying inside regardless of seasons to go outside, thus I would like to date in a room LOL
Plus, because I will get nervous if we’re alone together, I want to invite friends a lot, and enjoy a home party. But can I count it as a date?? LOL