Fan Report of Shake-Hands event for AKB’s 25th Signle GIVE ME FIVE! in Hokkaido

Fan reports on Acchan, Yuko, Yukirn, Tomochin, Kojiharu and Not Yet at nationwide Shake-Hands event  in Hokkaido!

Acchan fan thread

Hello Atsu-Oshi-san(-∀-`) 

I shook hands with her a minutes ago!!
I’m surprised that her face is so small than I expected!!!
She looked straight into my eyes and said “Thank you.”….
I’m impressed by her pretty smile~~~!!

Uhmmm sounds like you had really happy moment….
Thank you for the report!!

Thank you~~~!!
I’m envious of you~~~~ lol


Acchan Kawaii~~~~~!!
Acchan’s Double Peace~~~~~~!!!
As always, she is so cute!!
TGSK thank you~~~~~!! Acchan, have a nice day~~~!!

Yuko-chan fan thread

From TSGK!!
Wooowwww she is too cute!!!
This duck lips!! Is she emulating Jurina????
It’s gonna be a bit long report, but please let me do my report!

Actually, this is the first time I went to Shake-Hand event!!! Yuko was a sooooooo cute girl to die for!!

So my first time one went like this.
Me “I cast all of my voting ballots for you!!!”
Yu “E~~~ Thank you~~~!” <- She showed m ハ-shape eyebrows as she said this!!
Me “I wish you good luck!! (Ganbattekudasai!!)”
Yu “Yeah! Thank you! (Yeah! Ganbaru~~~!1)”
And second time was like this.
Me “Please blow a kiss to me!!!”
Yu “Chu” <- she even made a sound of kiss ⊂^⌒⊃_д_)⊃
Me “Ka… Kawaii…”
Yu “LOL”
That it!!
Because this is gonna be the last time for Acchan, Acchan’s lane had by far longer line than Yuko-chan’s lane. But maybe because of this, I kind of felt little pressure from staffs!!!

 Thank you!!!

Thank you for your report~~~!!!
Uhmmm that’s sounds so nice…
I’m envious of you as asking for a blow kiss is a privilege for female Ota….. 


And… when they finished taking a rest and went back to their respective lanes, AtsuYu looked so lovely (-∀-`)
Both of them didn’t mind fans huge chants at all and were talking to each other stealthily lol

One thing I noticed is that she looked a bit too skinny in person than in TV…
Especially her face looked very skinny….
And it looked like she is skinny not in healthy way but rather due to overwork…
But the reason I has an impression like this is because this is the first time I met her?
When I first met her in person, I was surprised how big eyes she has on her small face!!
Yeah I think people have an impression that she looks more skinny in person when they met her for the first time.
But I also think tough schedule of her certainly has something to do with it.

Yukirin’s fan thread

TGSK “Lane No.3, Kashiwagi is very poor at wink!!”

Today, I shook hands with Yukirin for the first time!!

It’s prioritized time for women and children, and though Yuko and Acchan’s lane had long long lines, I didn’t have to wait long in line at Yukirin’s lane!! lol
Maybe because of this, Hagashi staffs were very soft, and we could have enjoyed handshake relatively slow!!
She kindly accepted my request, and called my name!!!
Yukirin looked so cute and kind when met in person!!!

Thank you for the CNN reporting!! (・Д・) /

I’m glad to know that she is fine!!
Thank you for the NHK reporting!!
And… congratulation to your first handshake with Yukirin!!

Good Story about Mayu-san

TGSK “Lane No.5 Watanabe.”
TGSK mistakenly took a photo of an angle….. I thought….

then I found it’s Mayuyu! lol

I’m from nationwide Shake-Hands event in Sappori,

and I have to say…. Mayuyu is awesome! She really takes good care of fans!!!
Though my Oshi is other member, I’ve already fallen in love with her!!!

Elaborate please!

Place where we shake hands with members is about 30m away from the rest space for members. Some members are waiving their hands to fans as they were waiting the event resume.
And….. I don’t now how to put this into words but Mayuyu was waiving her hands up and down in a way to cheer up fans.
She even made funny poses!! It’s was so funny and cute….
At last, she even blew a kiss to fans…… I was dying for taking too much cuteness from her….

It’s really like Mayuyu (^^)

Mayuyu is always like this in other events, stages and live concerts !!
Yes… Mayuyu never spares service to fans!!
In theater stages, she is waiving to fans til the last moment,
and when she is with Yuttan, she concludes the show together with Yuttan by saying “Please come again~~~~ (Mata Kiteya~~~)”

Oh… I didn’t know Mayuyu is that lovely to fans….

Mayuyu is awesome….

Tomochin fan thread

Tomochin Kawaiii~~~ ^^

I’m Tomochin Ota in Sapporo!!

Now I’m at Shake-Hands event here, and… Tomochin is sooooo cute!!!!
By the way, she didn’t talk anything on the stage lol
I’m waiting in line for Tomochin now!!

I was hanging Tom-kun towel on my neck, and she reacted to it!!

Tomo “A~~~~ Tom-kun towel!!!”
Me “I couldn’t go to Cluv TOMO…. Hold your solo event here in Sapporo~~~”
Tomo “Yeah I wanna hold my solo event here~~!”
Me “I’ll give my best to your election campaign!!”
Tomo “(Smiling,  what she was talking was inaudible)”

She had divine smile on her face…. she was so cute….
Tom-kun Keyholder


I was wondering what Shake-Hands event is this. But I figured this is Nationwide Shake-hands event for GIVE ME FIVE!.
So she will join Kobetsu Shake-Hands event in Tokyo tomorrow (3th June) along with other Senbatsu members for Manatsu no SG!.…. They having very tough schedule…

NyanNyan fan thread

TGSK “Lane No.7 Kojima”

Nyan is cute always~~~~!!!

She is too cute.
I need to give her a penalty for being too cute!!

I went to Shake-Hands event and I just came back home!
Nyan was so cute as always!!!
Before MutyaBuri segment, Yuko talked a little about the new DVD episode of Kami TV Special “ネ申TV SP ニュージランドで見た幻の宇宙/ Kami TV special , discovering dream-like cosmos in Newzea land”
When Yuko said “Casts in this program are  Katayama, Nifuji, Miyazaki (skip) and Kojima….”
Then, Nyan reacted by saying “E???”
Yuko “It’s Natsuki Kojima-chan~~~~!!!” “Or did you join the filming??”
Nyan “I thought they haven’t yet filmed the DVD lol”
Yuko “We can’t talk about the content of the program yet, but how do you thing it will be like??”
Nyan “Uhmmmm Ahhhhhhhhh That thing…… that thing….. what is that thing??”
Someone “Non-gravity??”
Nyan “Yes!!!!”
I was picturing something like a planetarium in the real sky, but anyway, Nyan-san was being genius as alwasy lol

Good job~~~~!!!!
Thank you for the interesting reporting!!!

Not Yet lane


Mini Live concert was finished~~~~!!
MuchaBuri segment cracked me up!!
Please elaborate what happened in MuchaBuri !!
They asked audiences in arena seating section to send questions.
And they selected these questions!!
“A Member who is likely to vote for herself!!”

“A member who loves no hot whether.”
“A member who brings sunny sky.”
“A member who has no mercy when it comes to eating samples of foods in supermarkt.”

♪♪♪ d(`Д´)b♪♪♪Thank you~~~

I can picture the scene~~~!

I finished with the first session of Shake-Hands event today!!
Not Yet lane was fantastic!!
I will report after having lunch!!

By the way, are they wearing stage costumes of Not Yet’s song????
Me “Hello~~”
Yui “Hello~~~~”
Me “I love your solo number! It’s so nice!!”
Yui “E~~~ Thank you so much!!”
then Rino-chan
Me “Hello!”
Ri “Wow you are wearing Sashihara-T-shirt!!”
Me “Yeah I got this at your solo event!!”
Ri “Wow You even have Honey Sassy~~~~!!”
Yui “I wanted to get this bag actually~~~!!”
Rie “Me too~~~~~!!!”
Then staffs urged me to leave….
Me “I love your songwiring!! Bye Bye~~!!”
Rie “Thank you~~~~~”

Because members were so friendly and willingly talking to fans, I didn’t feel much pressure from staffs!!
I could hardly talk to Rino-chan…
Tough I am Okay since Rino-chan was so cute as she’s cheerfully talking about what interested her about me….
Thank you for the reporting !!!
It was like an ideal handshake time!!!!
It made me smile as it made me feel like I’m taking a sneak peak of off time of Not Yet!!
Thank you for awesome reporting, fans in Japan!!
Today, Senbatsu members f Manatsu no SG! including Jurina(!!!) are joining in Kobetsu Shake-Hands event in Tokyo! (the first Shake-Hands event after she debuted in team K)