Some Inconsistencies with Sashihara Story

  June 15, 2012

(A post from 2ch:)
Revised Version

If you were an otaku then you would’ve immediately notice these fake points 

1) From story: “Due to worrying about her daughter, she chased after her to Tokyo.”

→Sashihara and her mother moving to Tokyo together is a story that’s too famous. It’s a lie that her mother moved to Tokyo after.

From her photobook “Sashiko” Page 42
Sasshi’s dad: “I won’t allow you to move to Tokyo by yourself. But if you go with your mother I will allow it.”

2) From story: “Large 2K apartment” (2K = Kitchen with 2 rooms)

→Her apartment had 1 room, they had no privacy.
Her mother would get into the bath and spend time there alone after Rino-chan returned home.
Therefore this fact is also nonsense.

“Sashiko” – p49

From her photobook “Sashiko” Page 49
Did you live together with your mother in Tokyo?
“Yes. After the one month with the “Countryside Group” (Sasshi, Komorin, Kitarie, Shiichan, Nakanishi Yuka (SKE48)) I’ve lived with my mother since. Moreover, until recently we’ve been living in the one room together. It was really confined! Confined! After returning from work there wasn’t a sense of care-freeness.”

3) From story: “They called each other everyday at around 7pm.”

At her job she was doing things ranging from Kenkyuusei concerts to Team B Concerts and Under Girls stuff.
Furthermore, those were busy days for her because she was also balancing it with school study.
Even at home, because they lived together she had no privacy.
Where would the spare time for that have come from?
Is it saying that her mother also went to browse the convenience stores at 7pm?


“Sashiko” – p49

From her photobook “Sashiko” Page 49
“When I wanted to have a phone call with my friends, my mother would make me go to the convenience stores, among other things.”

4) The “R” in the photo and the student card

That crappy photo montage could even have be made by a kid if they had image-manipulation software.