AKB48 members tell about their ideas on Marriage, one member names a specific man who she wants to marry

  February 5, 2013

During the latest installment of TV show “Gachigase“,  100 members of AKB48 were asked,

“By when you want to marry?”

It’s generated buzz as among the members, one even named a name of a specific person, a popular comedian, who she sees as an ideal partner to marry.

Even though AKB48’s house rule prohibits members from getting into a relationship, understandably, it turned out most of the idol group’s members want to marry in the future.

In a February 1st broadcast of TV show “Gachigase”, the program conducted a questionnaire to 100 members of AKB48, including popular members like Oshima Yuko, Yokoyama Yui and Shimazaki Haruka about an ideal age for their marriage.

2 members, including Nakamata Shiori, answered “I would like to marry by 40”.

Among 5 members who answered “by 28” was Shimazaki Haruka.

Among 7 members who answered “by 23” was Nakatsuka Tomomi.

Among 9 members who answered “by 35” were Umeda Ayaka and Takahashi Minami.

Among 10 members who answered “by 27” was Sato Sumire.

Among 12 members who answered “by 26” was Nito Moeno.

Among 14 members who answered “by 25” was Kawaei Rina.

But the most members, including Izuta Rina and Osima Yuko, answered they want to marry “by 30”.

Izuta shared her reasoning for the answer. She said,

“Since 30 years old single woman is called a loser, I want to marry by 30”, which draw quick retorts from members.

Elder members snapped at her, saying “About what you’re superior (to those who’re over 30) just because you’re 17?”

The girls who draw the most attention were the 3 members who answered “they don’t want to marry”, including Yokoyama Yui.

Yokoyama explained it’s because “we don’t experience a relationship while we’re in AKB48. So I haven’t yet met a man who I want to marry. Thus, I’m unable to see marriage something that I can relate to.”

But Takahashi Minami warned Yokoyama,

“Contrarily, girls who holds such idea are the most prone (to relationship issues).”

Moreover, there were 5 members who, interestingly, answered “Don’t mind what age I will marry.” Among them was Watanabe Mayu, who answered “Before I die…” What her answer is suggesting is she really has had no experience of love and relationship, and thus, she can’t think about marriage with any concreteness.

But among all members, who revealed the most concrete idea – or wish – on her marriage was the 17 years old member Iriyama An’na.

She said “There’s a comedian who I want to get married to by 30.”

Then she named Fukuda, a part of popular Yoshimoto comedian duo Tutorial.

This bold revelation generated fans seemingly dismal reactions, as most of them expressed their disappointment that Iriyama made her type clear.

Kitahara Rie trying to find a lope-hole of AKB48’s love-ban-law, insisting that “Relationship is banned, but we’re not told that we are not allowed to marry. I wonder if it’s okay to marry as AKB48 member….” Her argument, though, rejected by members immediately.