Iwata Karen’s prank scared the heck out of her senpais ( and other members! )

  January 8, 2014

Iwata Karen   1/8/14 00:47

New project!

「 Let’s prank call other members, LOL! 」

I watched R no Housouku…

and I thought that I’ll try this! Look forward to the results! ( ^ω^ )

Iwata Karen's Prank Call

Fan & member reactions: Holy shi*, that’s scary! What the… this could be very interesting lol

Kikuchi Ayaka   1/8/14 00:50

This is so frickin’ scary (lol)

Victim number one? lol

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 00:55

Don’t tell me…

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 00:55

Oi. (lol)

Will Karen have to kneel down and apologize again for this?

Kobayashi Marina   1/8/14 00:58

I’m seriously pissed off!

Marin-chan is now GekiOkoPunPunMarin lololol How many members do you think she managed to call? The victims are falling one by one… lolThey will probably create a group for “Victims of Iwata’s Prank Calls” lol

Oshima Ryoka   1/8/14 01:18


Oshima Ryoka   1/8/14 01:19

I’ll definitely get you back next time… so look forward to it.

Morikawa Ayaka   1/8/14 01:20

I don’t think that’ll be very effective. lol

Izuta Rina   1/8/14 01:22

My phone is actually ringing right now! lol

But unfortunately, because I already had Karen saved as a registered contact, her name came up as the caller! lol

Sato Amina   1/8/14 01:00

Do you think it’s acceptable to do something like this to your senpai? ー(^.^)(^.^)←

Amina vs Karen on Line

LOL she sounds like a total warota LOLDon’t beg for reaction if you’re pranking someone up!

Iwata Karen   1/8/14 01:04

I’m really sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Kobayashi Marina   1/8/14 01:04

What the heck is with that “Please give me a good reaction!”!? ROFL

Iwata Karen   1/8/14 01:04

I told you not to put the
「 Please give me a good reaction! (>_<) 」
up on Google Plus didn’t I!!!!

Morikawa Ayaka   1/8/14 01:05

I got the same message as well ( from Karen )

Iwata Karen   1/8/14 01:06

I totally didn’t expect Amina-chan to be soooooooooooo good at exposing my prank call ~(´Д`)

This is a total and complete failure! lolol
Don’t do super interesting things like these outside AKBINGO! lololol
When you do things like this and you get exposed, that’s like the most embarrassing thing ever! lol
Karen must be teary-eyed now hahaha

Morikawa Ayaka   1/8/14 01:07

Karen pranked me!!
Seriously, I really thought that was it for me…

I almost burst into tears…

Iwata Karen Prank Call

( Editors note: Karen only changed her display picture and display name, but forgot to change her sub-title / shout – if you’ve used Line before you should know what I’m talking about ^^ – also, that “I will exterminate you…!” phrase is actually a line from Attack on Titan said by Eren, which Karen cosplayed quite a lot of time )

“Kuchikushiteyaru…!” (I will exterminate you…!) is like, Karen’s trademark phrase right? It’s pretty obvious that she got exposed quickly… lololI’ve never heard of someone asking for help and then vows to exterminate the person that they’re asking help from.. bahahahahaBut she was successful in scaring the crap out of Roid ( Ayaroid / Morikawa Ayaka )I love this reckless playfulness that Karen has

Matsui Sakiko   1/8/14 01:04

I met Amina-chan today (^○^)

Matsui Sakiko   1/8/14 01:06

I can’t believe a week has passed since 2014 started (°_°)

Matsui Sakiko   1/8/14 01:07

So quick~ (°_°)

Matsui Sakiko   1/8/14 01:07

Aaah, I want to return to a week ago- (°_°)!

Matsui Sakiko   1/8/14 01:08


Matsui Sakiko   1/8/14 01:10

I just got a prank call from Karen lol

She really went all out just to get a good reaction eh… lolI can’t believe she even targeted Team A’s eldest memberIt’ll be damn interesting if Karen hosts All Night Nippon and does this live on air!

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:11


Seriously, don’t mess around. lol

I was seriously scared to death ((((;゜Д゜)))

Compared to AKBINGO that’s actually on TV right now, this is waaaay more interesting!!

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:12

Good things and bad things do happen even between the same gen, eh

Tomu got damaged pretty badly from the looks of it lolIt’s not only between same-generation, she also targeted her senpais you know!I wonder how scared Tomu was, she sounds pretty shocked lol

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:16

Which chapter was I at before… (she was halfway studying / doing homework)

Oshima Ryoka   1/8/14 01:17


Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:22

Ryoka, are you a victim as well? lol

Kojima Natsuki   1/8/14 01:34

Me too over here. Karen is the worst ever (lol)

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:42

Nattsun-san, let’s come up with a revenge plan next time.

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:43

Aaah. I don’t have motivation to do this (homework) anymore.

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:44

This is all Karen’s fault! lol

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:45

I’ll do it tomorrow morning~
Good night everyone ☆

Sato Amina   1/8/14 01:00

Oh well, I’m gonna sleep now.

Everyone, good night~

Amina vs Karen on Line

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She should’ve called Mayuyu or Takamina!Looks like Yukarun totally ignored the callI can seriously imagine Tano throwing her cellphone to a wall or something the minute she saw the incoming call lololHilary would’ve cried on the spot

Iwata Karen   1/8/14 01:42

Everyone… please don’t expose this to a wider audience… (/ _ ; )

Also. I’ve changed my display icon and my name, but I totally forgot to change my shout-out ← I only realized this now…

My love’s advances will probably have to end here…

I’m just going to sleep tonight lol

To everyone that I managed to successfully pranked, I’m really sorry!!! lol

Iwata Karen's Prank Call

Source: Iwata Karen's Google+

Mutou Tomu   1/8/14 01:47

Don’t think that I’ll forgive you even if you beg for forgiveness ( ̄ー ̄)

Iwata Karen   1/8/14 01:42

Tomu-senpai, I’m really really sorry orz

Kojima Natsuki   1/8/14 02:13


Who would’ve thought that a plan to prank others ended up self-destructing…Apparently Karen also called Nishinaka ( SKE48’s Nakanishi Yuka ) lolol – she really wanted reactions that badly eh!

Nakanishi Yuka   1/8/14 01:56

Karen-chan… It was soooooo scary Karen-chan…

I’m really bad with horror and scary things, Karen-chan…

If you want to know what happened, please see Iwata Karen-chan’s Google Plus…

But if you’re scared of horror like me, it’s probably better if you don’t see it… (°_°)

Source: Nakanishi Yuka Google+

Nakanishi Yuka   1/8/14 02:00

My heart is still beating like THUMP THUMP

Iwata Karen   1/8/14 02:04

I’m really really sorry orz
I really look up and adore you, Nakanishi-senpai. Please take care of me from now on orz

Nakanishi Yuka   1/8/14 02:07

Karen-chan → that was seriously scary beyond belief!!!! (lol)
I can’t even go to the toilet by myself you know… \(^o^)/
But since it’s Karen-chan, I’ll forgive you!!←

She went all the way and troubled even SKE’s Captain! XD

Source: AKB48Matomember