AKB48WrapUp is now recruiting!

  January 29, 2014

Wasamin LOL

Hi there readers,

As you all know (and probably have realized since few months back), AKB48WrapUp is not as active as it once was – partly because Tommy, our main contributor and the one who made this site possible, have decided that running the site and coping with his day-to-day life will be too much for him at this point of time.

Kevin (and Eshtar) have since tried to step in and somewhat become a replacement for him, but our command of Japanese is not comparable to Tommy’s – thus why there is always a ‘lag’ between when something is announced and when we are able to put an article up.

This is exactly why AKB48WrapUp is now officially recruiting contributors.

We’re aiming to get writers that are willing to devote a few hours of their time every week to write one or two articles about AKB48 and their sister groups – but mainly JKT48 and SNH48.

The articles can be translation of magazine articles that were originally in their native language(s), online news articles, announcements – you get the gist, pretty much anything related to ( but not only ) these two sister groups.

If you happen to be residing in Jakarta or Shanghai, it would be a great plus point – on the ground reports and ( possibly! ) interviews with said sister groups’ members might not be just a pipe dream.

Given the exposure and traffic that AKB48WrapUp is currently enjoying, even in a slow week ( see figure below ) if we are able to grow the site even more, chances of getting media / backstage passes to events are definitely in the not-so-distant horizons.

AKB48WrapUp Analytics

AKB48WrapUp statistics ( past 6 months )

Whatever it is that you decide to contribute, you can be sure that it won’t be lost in the vast space of internet – fans of AKB48 and its sister groups that are hungry for translated news keeps coming back here, and your contribution will definitely get the exposure it’s worthy of.

So, to sum it all up, if you…

  • love AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48…
  • especially LOVE JKT48 or SNH48
  • … and its members, of course!
  • have good command of english or are interested in improving your english skills ( our english is not perfect but we’ll try to help you however we can! )
  • have a few spare hours in a week to write 1 or 2 articles
  • are active in following the latest news from said sister groups & its members ( G+, Twitter, member & official blogs )
  • have some writing experience ( preferred but not required )
  • love to hear what others have to say about your thoughts

then you might be the ones that we’re looking for! 🙂

How can I apply?

Shoot us an email with “WrapUp recruitment 2014” as the subject & give us a snippet about yourself in the email. Our helpful and lovely staff will then contact you to talk about your availability in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Also a friendly reminder that all AKB48WrapUp positions are unpaid. This is a site run by fans for the fans, and we intend to keep it that way!

If you’re thinking “Why should I do this? There’s nothing in it for me” – think about what change you can bring to the fandom by doing this.

Enabling thousands of fans to easily accessible, digestible news about something you ( and them ) love is a privilege not many can enjoy! 🙂

Well then, I look forward to hear from you all – thank you for your time!