What will happen to French Kiss after Takajo Aki transferred to JKT48? and 2 more!

  September 17, 2012

Wait, is it true that French Kiss will be broken up!?!?

Osawa Tsuyoshi 9:20pm 9/16

Everyone, thank you so much for coming to the solo event by French Kiss, commemorating the release of the group’s 5th single “Romance Privacy”!!


Come on, where’s a source?

On Twitter, Kricchi said…
Kashiwagi: “We have decided nothing about the future activities of the group, but I think if everyone will cherish French Kiss in their minds, French Kiss can continue it’s activity even if we only release our single once every 5 years from the current release span which is one single every 6 months….
I want to make French Kiss the unit that will never ever disappear from the scene. I hope everyone will support us to make this come true!”

French Kiss is not connected with the same strong bonds between their members like that of No Sleeves. And unlike Not Yet, it’s not increasing it’s popularity either. In addition, they don’t have the same fabulous performance skills as DiVA.
What is surprising for me is the fact that Watariroka Hashiritai 7 has been around until now without breaking up.

I think “Once every 5 years” is mere a metaphor.
Coz I heard Mocchi laugh when Kashiwagi uttered this line.

By the way, can you tell me the reason why many units are rumored to suspend it’s activities recently?

Because of Oota Aika, Miyazawa Sae and Takajo Aki, all of which belong to some sub unit will be transferred to other groups based on far away places.
Unlike Kitahara and Yokoyama, it’s not concurrency.



Shiroma Miru 1:58pm 9/16

Maachun, Kawaii!!!

Chu Chu Chu~(^.^)


Shiroma Miru 3:26pm 9/16

Straight hair….


Shiroma Miru 5:11pm

Double bun~~~~!!


Shiroma Miru 7:31pm 9/16

NigiNigiNigiNigi (Nigiru: Clasp someone’s hand)

Kyun Kyun Kyun Kyun (Kyun: Heart pounding Sweetly)

Maidrun here!!!

Thank you so much for today’s Handshake event!!


Shiroma Miru 7:52pm 9/16

Ice cream is yummy~~~!!

Do you want some (´(ェ)`)??


Shiroma Miru 9:01pm 9/16

I don’t know why…

But somehow I fell a sleep~(^.^)


This looks and this costume…. It’s actually dangerously cute…

They gotta choose Mirurun for Center immediately!!

Hope she will wear this costume for a handshake event in Kansai.

Has Mirurun grown taller?

She has grown 7 cm taller in the last one year.

She was stood bare foot next to Kanakichi and Rikanyan in the previous episode of Challenge 48, and she looked a little shorter than Rikanyan and about as tall as Kanakichi, so I guess she is around 157 cm tall.



Summary of the show

↑Why did you forget the most important part, Rena’s part???

Rena-chan being shy around people seems more severe than we normally expect.
But I can feel her.