Paruru Had A Tough Time Asking Mayuyu A Question

  May 9, 2012
“Spare comments form for me!!!!!”

Paruru’s Ponkotsu character has been once again displayed in yesterday’s G+ conversation with Mayuyu.

Mayuyu (渡辺麻友) G+

“I’m making waffles as I watching the Drama 37歳で医者になった僕, which stars Hatobu-san (former top star of Takarazuka muscial. Mayuyu is a huge fan of the musical and often reports the musicals she attended on her blog (BTW I was born in the city next to Takarazuka)).

Uhmmm is it really possible for me who can’t cook to make waffles fine???

If I have trouble, I will ask my (real) sister…☆”

Then Mayuyu started to ask her fans to leave her questions!!

Mayuyu G+
“Since I made a lot of dough,  I’am baking a lot of waffles!

Paruru is now answering to questions!! I want to do it, too!!

If someone asks me a question, I will pick up some based on my own preference and will answer to them! Start!!”

Naturally, because it’s Mayuyu, the comments filled up the post in only a couple minutes.

Mayuyu tried to answer the comments as soon as they were posted, to no avail:

Mayuyu “So many one phrase comments☆ “

“I haven’t able to watch Animes these days.”

….she only could answer one question… but since she chose a question regarding animes, that means that she still has a great love for anime!!

Paruru then updated HER G+,

Paruru (島崎遥香) G+

“Kuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! (<- regretting voice) I failed to join Mayuyu-san’s question time!!
Please everyone, why didn’t spare one space for me!!!”

Paruru “Loser, Paruru….”

Some fans responded to this in the G+ online forum, stating, “It’s never possible for Ponkotsu to comment on Mayuyu’s G+ wall…..”

Last night, however, Mayuyu was being Paruru’s angel…

Mayuyu G+


Ask me question☆ 

This is a special treatment to you lol”

So was Paruru finally able to comment on Mayuyu’s G+ post before it reached 500 comments??

Suddenly, Center (Jurina) joined in to try interrupt Paruru’s attempt to post!!!


“Mayu cha~~~~~n♪♪ “

Nooooo, this shows the stark difference between ‘Genius’ Jurina and ‘Ponkotsu’ Paruru……

Paruru G+

“Auh… Again…. I failed to make comments…”

Whyyyyyyyyy!! Mayuyu wrote that post for Paruru only!!!!

However, Mayuyu helped out Paruru again, and kindly visited Paruru’s G+ and left a comment for her.

Mayuyu “Please ask me question☆ “

Deeply moved fans left comments like  “OMG this is the real descend of the Venus from Heaven…. “

But this post soon filled up with 500 comments…

Paruru had no choice but to write a new post in order to ask Mayuyu a question.

Paruru G+

“What Mayuyu-san’s inside of brain filled with?? )^o^(

” I want to form Payuyu again\(^o^)/”

But fans again sent floods of comments to Paruru’s post, leaving no space for Mayuyu to answer Paruru’s questions….

Mayuyu G+

“Dear Paruru☆

Inside of my brain is filled up with Paruru☆

Payuyu is now immortal forever!! ☆”

“Waffle is ready~~~~☆


Miyu Takeuchi “It looks so delicious..♪(^з^)-“

Last night was the night we could see Mayuyu’s kindness to Paruru (even though Mayuyu has had a longer idol career, Paruru was born 4 days after Mayuyu.) and most importantly (?) she can make good waffles!!!!!

The new word Payuyu was first used by Paruru (or Mayuyu) on March 8th, when Mayuyu suddenly started posting through Paruru’s G+ account because her smartphone ran out of battery and she was with Paruru. Paruru’s current profile photo on G+ is the photo she took with Mayuyu during this collaborative G+ session (even though all comments were made by Mayuyu).

Mayuyu concluded the session with these comments and that was the first time we heard this new phrase.
Mayuyu (on Paruru’s G+ account) “Payuyu!!”
Mayuyu (on Paruru’s G+ account) “Something will happen at tomorrow’s Revue!!”
Mayuyu (on Paruru’s G+ account) “Payuyu will kiss each other!!”

It’s not Maruru! It’s Payuyu!