Will NMB Break Their Own Record? NMB Releases New Single NagiIchi Today

  May 9, 2012

Today is the special day for NMB-Oshi because it’s the release date of NMB’s 4th Single Nagiichi.
Following Sashiko’s (指原莉乃) solo debut single release, NMB’s new single also will face a strong opponent, namely Arashi, who is likely to dominate this week’s Oricon single ranking with their new single Face Down.

NMB’s last single 純情U-19 / Junjo U-19 sold total 329K copies for the first week, making NMB the record holder of the attaining No.1 at Oricon Weekly chart for longest consecutive single releases from the debut. But Arashi on the other hand sold 550K with their last single Wild At Heart, making us quite unconfident for NMB’s 4th consecutive No.1. Members are now right middle in the handshake events to commemorate the release of the single in rural prefectures.

While Nagiichi is composed by the same composer and arranger as AKB48’s single Flying Get, what have drown fans attention the most are Milky’s (渡辺美優紀) first solo song Waruky and another coupling 僕がもう少し大胆なら / Bokuga Mousukoshi Daitan nara, which also features Milky as it’s main cast of MV.

During the interview with Sponichi, when asked about her thought on her temporal post in team B, Milky answered,

“Mayuyu-san is an orthodox idol and cute as if she made of CG, but my goal as an idol is the same as her. I don’t want to lose to her. I have a strong supporter with in me, my alter ego Waruky. I believe if Waruky and I work together, I can make it.

She couldn’t show her bright smile in the last election, where she ended up out of ranking (below 40th). But this event transformed her into a more confident and ambitious idol. She talked “I want to be an standing out figure whichever groups I would join in.”

Though the schedule hasn’t yet announced, Milky will mainly spend her time as a member of team B. She has been studying team B’s performance by watching team B’s Goddess of Theatre DVD during her break times.

While SayaNee (山本彩), Nana Yamada (山田菜々) and Milky were busy with media appearances, Maachun (小笠原茉由), Ainyan (福本愛菜), Akarin (吉田朱里) and other members were joining Shake Hands event on 8th May.

Osaka-based Cheese cake shop Esola launched limited period menu NMB48 NAGIICHI CHEESE CAKE, which took it’s idea from NMB’s song. This sweet sour rare cheese cake has unique and thick cheese flavor and texture which gently melt in the mouth

Milky’s First Solo わるきー / Waruky

僕がもう少し大胆なら / Bokuga Moususkoshi Daitan nara By Aka-Gumi

ナギイチ / Nagiichi

最後のカタルシス / Saigo no Catalysis by Shiro-Gumi

Source Sponichi,