SURPRISE for the final day of ChapuChapu tour, Yamatomo Sayaka revealed her (CUTE and COOL) new short hairstyle

  August 22, 2012

Yamamoto Sayaka 8/21 10:34pm

We wrapped up our ChapuChapu tour today!!

Sorry for keeping it secret that I’ve changed my hairstyle.
I talked with Akimoto-san and we decided to make it a surprise as coincidentally it was the final day of the tour (´;ω;`)

Kotani Riho 8/21 22:41

Sayaka! This hairstyle really suits you!!
I love short hairstyle, yes!
Fujita Nana 8/21 22:34pm

Kawaii! You’re too cute!!!


Shinohara Kanna 8/21 10:31pm

We finished with the final of ChapuChapu tour ( ̄︶ ̄)
It was so much fun!
Awesome! I really love NMB♥
Oh by the way, my Sayaka cut her hair too short!
Look! She is such a handsome guy! It absolutely suits her!
You know what? She has become my boyfriend from today.


Guys this crossed the line… she is too cute to be real… (゚∀゚o;;)

I somehow could imagine how she will look like in short hairstyle, but this is way beyond my expectation….

I rushed here as I heard that a cute girl with short hairstyle emerged in NMB48.
Man, this hairstyle suits her so much that I want to ask her what her previous hairstyle was for (*´д`*)

I feel like going to Karaoke and sing “Cherry” by Yuki…

I think she will become even more popular among the elder sisters of AKB and her juniors….

Certainly, with this hairstyle, she is so undeniable…. Everyone can’t resist her charm….

I guess she will gain more female fans with this new short hairstyle…

Koyanagi Yuusa 8/21 10:46pm

NMB’s two boys here in the same photo.
But Sayanee is a boy that still retains the beauty of a girl!!


Holy cow!!!!! When they are together, it makes both of them look so much cuter!!

When she had longhair, she somehow looked unsophisticated sometimes.
But now she has moved to another level and started looking sophisticated….

Yamamoto Sayaka 8/21 11:35pm

I took photos to record of the process of my haircut.


Maybe she cut about 15 cm of her hair?

Yamamoto Sayaka 8/21 11:47pm

Do you want this?


I don’t say “give it away”, but please sell it to me!

Don’t you think it’s a nice idea to make an Ink Brush from her hair.

Comment count of Sayanee’s G+ is moving at the speed of light.
400 comments in one minute? That’s ridiculous!

It looks like her new hairstyle is fairy well received.
Though I prefer her long hairstyle so I can’t say I’m happy with this, but probably when I meet her in person at Handshake and 2shoto photo event next month, I will get high lol
Yeah, she looks very cute in short hairstyle as well!

Yamamoto Sayaka 8/22 12:12am

This is Morikami-san, a hairdresser who I always go to when I cut my hair (๑´`๑)
Of course, he cut my hair this time , too!
He is very gentle and funny, has a wonderful smile. He is such a nice guy\(^o^)/]

Ogasawara Mayu 8/22 12:15am

You look like Shibazaki Koh-san in this photo!!

Acchan, Jurina, Sayaka, Haruppi and Ikoma-chan, now Centers of all 48 groups (and NGZK46) have black and short hairstyles…

Yamamoto Sayaka 8/22 8:17am

Good morning (^人^)
I don’t know whether it’s because of fatigue from yesterday’s performance for the tour or a bad posture while I was sleeping last night….

My body hurts all over today!!!!!!!


Kaneko Tsuyoshi 8/22 5:30pm

NMB’s Kinki region tour ~みなさん、ちゃぷちゃぷしましょEveryone Let’s ChapuChapu~ ended with yesterday’s Stage at Orix theater!!!
Starting with team N, then team M and the KKSs, we had numerous of collaborations with members and groups that you can never see in usual Stages!!
What are your impressions of those rare collaborations?
Not just bonds between teammates, but we could also feel the bonds of NMB48 from this concert tour.
They are teammates but at the same time rivals. With this in mind, members have been inspired by each other, improved themselves each time they experienced the tour Stage, and performed for you fans with genuine gratitude in their hearts.!!
So from August 27th, we resume theater Stages at NMB48 theater.
We will try our best to show how members have improved through this tour. Please keep supporting the NMB48 girls. Thank you so much.

I put photos that captured notable moments of the final day of the tour.

1. Team N, M and KKSs after rehearsal
2. Right before the start of afternoon Stage, “Let’s show the true potentials of team N and M!!!” written by Kanakichi
3. Boyish Sayanee, who has cut her hair too short.
4. Maachun expressing her enthusiasm for the Stage by using full energy
5. Ainyan, shoving watermelon, which we’ve received as a gift, into her mouth