AKB48 Katayama Haruka changed her hair to black, now no one can call her BBA

  September 29, 2012

Black hair does justice for girls!!

Anyway, Haachan is getting cuter and cuter!!

Somehow she looks so translucent with black hair…. Yeah it's a contrast….

This is a good news~~~.

In this photo, she is completely being Milky LOL

Actually I've long has an idea that Haachan looks like Milky, but it was hard to get people agree with me….

I know a lot of people who look younger with brighter hair color,

but it is so rare to see someone who look younger with darker hair color…!!

I bet Haacha

n will have a long lasting career as an actress.

Haachan doesn't look BBA at all to my eyes, but if you mean she is “seductive” by calling her BBA, then I totally agree with you.

Anyway, it's not that she had such a bright hair color.

And these are the photos taken right after she colored her hair bright.

I think this is what “Yome” is supposed to be….!

BBA! Marry me!!

I politely turned him down.

Oh, Welcome!! Zettai Kurokami Seductive Woman!!!




  1. tonarinobanana says:

    what does bba mean?
    haachan is so pretty it hurts

  2. Mario Medves says:

    When i scrolling and see the second photo, for a moment i thinking was Milky (><)