AKB48 members You wish were 10cm taller

  July 17, 2012

Who would it be?

Suzuki Shihori

Oi! lol

Yamamoto Sayaka



Tomo~mi, Tomochin and Umechan.
If these 3 girls were 10 cm taller, they would be able to do so much more, in terms of their work.


If Oshima was 10cm taller, her job as an actress would have been smoother.

↑That’s absolutely true.

I think everyone would prefer the members that are around 160 cm. 

But Takamina is fine the way she is.

Takamina is fine to be tiny-winy.

Ogino Risa (174cm)
Iguchi Shiori (174cm)
Mizono Honoka (171cm)
I want them to get closer to Kumai-chan(182cm).

Abiru Riho (166)
No doubt she stands out.

This thread is meant for Oshima right.
If she was 10cm taller she would be unrivaled.

If Yuko was 162cm in height it would be very intimidating.

More than Yuko, Ryo-chan(143cm) is more compelling.

Actually it’s me that wants to be 10cm taller rather than the members.

So, This is what we call “If Cleopatra’s nose were….”?
I have to say this absolutely applies to Harukyan.
It’s not that her head is huge… but it’s just because she is short and way off balance….

If Umechan is tall, probably she can be a model.

On the contrary, Komori and Suuchan would be much popular if they were 10cm shorter.

If Okaro and Shimada were about 180cm tall. they will have overwhelming presence….

↑Yasusu: “Let’s make a pro-wrestling debut.”

Umechan: I don’t want money, I don’t need men as welll~, I need a little more height~

Takamina + 10cm = 158.5cm….

Uhmmm can I ask a little more?

I’m okay with the way they are.
Somehow there are so many people who like to talk about heights.

I think short members have become popular because of the fact that they are short.
Probably they paid a lot of effort to cover their short height.

I think that’s exactly true to Yuko and Takamina

Ume doesn’t look like 151cm. She looks more than 160 cm tall in my image,

Because they are as tall as they are, they are in AKB48, aren’t they?

154cm tall Haachan, probably.
If she was 164cm, her dancing would have a tremendous impact.

If Umechan and Haachan will grow 10cm taller, they will become perfect beauties.

↑I absolutely agree with you.

All members, whose goals, are to become models.
To be a model, being over 170cm is prerequisite, I guess.

But the rate of members who are over 160cm in  AKB48 is relatively high, isn’t it?

Shihori 171
Acchan 161
Yukirin 163
Kojima 164 (?)
Shinoda 168
Akimoto 166
Miyazawa 164
Masuda 162
Aamin 165
Komori 163 (?)
Ohya 164
→ 166 (source: on her blog) 

And other members who are over 160cm are…

Akicha 166.5
Nakayan about 161
Ayarin 160
Tanamin 162.5
165 (source: on her blog) 
Micha 165
Sakiko 167.5 → over 168 (source: her remark at handshake events)
Suumero 166
N Nacchi 164 → 165 (source: on her blog)
AbeMari 164

How many times I thought that if only Chintomo were 10cm taller…

If Yuko were over 160cm, she wouldn’t be in AKB48, definitely.

Probably she wouldn’t but I’m also not sure that she could get this level of popularity that she gained as AKB48.

If Yuko were 10cm taller, I bet she could be a popular actress without joining AKB48.
But, because she is a 152-cm-tall-girl with that personality, she could reach the top of AKB48, I think.

Source, Translated and edited by Bryansate, Tuloan and Tomy