How to vote in 2015 AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Did Takamina Die In MV of Junen Zakura?

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

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SKE48 Ogino Risa’s little sister, who is fighting disease, “One day I want to be SKE48” [5 topics]


1. Matsui Rena and Takayanagi Akane enjoyed a brief off-stage time during Budokan Concert series 2. Matsui Rena is absolutely compatible with young team E members and it’s former leader! 3. Chori’s jealousy

AKB48 members You wish were 10cm taller


“Who would it be?“Suzuki Shihori“↑ Oi! lol “Yamamoto Sayaka“Ume-chan“Harukyan“Tomo~mi, Tomochin and Umechan.If these 3 girls were 10 cm taller, they would be able to do so much more, in terms

Mayuyu took a 2shot photo with SKE’s Ogino-san (and 2other topics on Yoshimasa and Kaoru,Jurina)


Ogino Risa and Watanabe Mayu exchanged addresses and phone numbers Ogino Risa Don’t be too much surprised\(^o^)/ At handshake event, I finally could meet Watanabe Mayu-san!!We took a 2 shot photo

Mayuyu Gets High on SKE’s KKS Ogino-san


Ogino Risa 10:20PM I received text message from Mayuyu-san!! I got high!\(^o^)/ I want to talk to her soon(´・ω・)ω・`) And…. because it’s too late, I’ll talk to her until I fall