Mayuyu Gets High on SKE’s KKS Ogino-san

  June 25, 2012

Ogino Risa 10:20PM

I received text message from Mayuyu-san!! I got high!\(^o^)/

I want to talk to her soon(´・ω・)ω・`)

And…. because it’s too late, I’ll talk to her until I fall asleep(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)

Watanabe Mayu “Ogino-sa~~~~~n!!!!!
Ogino Risa “Mayu-sa~~~~~n!!!”
Watanabe Mayu “You looked so cool in a male school uniform!!!”
Ogino Risa “Ohhhh really!!!”
Watanabe Mayu “(Getting too high!) Kya~~~~~~~~~!! Ogino-sanq(^-^q) “
Ogino Risa “Mayu-san… Ka…Kwaii!”

/⌒ つ⊂⌒ヽHug

Watanabe Mayu “You look cool in any cloths, because you are tall( ^^) “
Ogino Risa “Ma….Mayu-san… What kind of fashion do you like(´⊙ω⊙`) “
Watanabe Mayu “Ogino-sha~~~~~~~n!!!”
Ogino Risa “Upa~~~~~~~\(^ω^\) “
Watanabe Mayu “Uhmmmmm…. yeah I like suits!!!! lol”
Ogino Risa “Suits (´⊙ω⊙`) “
Watanabe Mayu “And aristcrats lol”
Ogino Risa “Aristcra…. (´⊙ω⊙`) “
Ogino Risa “Buy if I won’t able to meet you at Handshake event…… Ogino would…. (it would be quite embarrassing???)”
Ogino Risa “So you mean something like freshman office workers wear by “suits”?”
Watanabe Mayu “Don’t worry!! I will be going to your place to meet you!!(^-^)/ “
Watanabe Mayu “And…. Military uniform is also my taste!!”
Ogino Risa “Are you serious….・:,(゚д゚ “
Watanabe Mayu “My dream is expanding now~~~!!!
Watanabe Mayu “Ufufu (grinning happily)

Ogino Risa 0:57AM


….And rhinitis.

Upon hearing this news, I rushed to her Gugutasu, then I found Mayuyu was so lively enjoying it!!
After all, she likes to have fun in other members comment forms.

So  because the competition for Mitsunume is so fierce, Mayuyu gave up her?

It seems like Mitsunume was abducted by Naana before Mayuyu even fully communicated with Mittsu.

What about Ogino made Mayuyu like her so much??
Her height and face.
Ogino is tall. And she looks quite like Takarazuka.

Ogino Risa “I’m like dress-up doll for Mayu-san~~~\(^o^)/← “
Ogino Risa “Actually I’d planned to do Okita Sougo cospaly…… kinda….. \(^o^)/ “

Ogino Risa “But I suspended that plan lol”

Watanabe Mayu “Ah~~~ You were planning to do Super Sadistic Sougo-tan’s cosplay~!! Sweet~~~(^з^)-☆ That’s fantastic!”
Ogino Risa “The thing is where I can get the costume lol
Watanabe Mayu “Ufufufu, I’m look forward to it!!”
Ogino Risa “I suspended Sougo-kun’s cospaly because I couldn’t find his scarf(´・ω・`) “
Watanabe Mayu “Scarf!? I’ll prepare for you.”
Watanabe Mayu “But why you couldn’t find only scarf lol”

Ogino Risa “Mayu-san lollollol Please don’t mind lollollol”
Watanabe Mayu “Okay lol”

Ogino Risa “I prepare everything but scarf\(^o^)/ “

Ogino Risa “Or I can go with the festival’s costume k(“

LOL Runners-up of the election was elegantly rejected her offer to prepare a scarf by SKE’s 5gen KKS lol

It looks like Mayuyu is seriously disappointed lol

On the eve of Yubi-Matsuri, Mayuyu is holing Ogino-Matsuri alone lol
Because her own Gugutasu wall is checked by high-rank managers at Ogi production, she learned to play around other members comment forms lol

It’s about time that staffs at Ogi productions noticed this and will come to seize her Galaxy lol

By the way, Ogino-san must be a bit nervous, she must be trying hard not to put Mayuyu in bad mood…..

So I checked the information on Ogino-san as I was curious about this girl,
Then I found she is 174 cm!!!!!
Is she the highest member among all AKB???

Not only her height but she attends an industrial high school, her father is a truck driver…. so there may be something special exuding from her….

As Mayuyu got seriously depressed, Ogino-chan also got upset….. lol
Their exchange progressed into heartwarming story….

Ogino Risa “I hate to bother you to lend me a scarf…. ・:,(゚д゚ “
Ogino Risa “oh no( ゜д゜) omg”
Ogino Risa
│Can I ask you
│To Lend Me a scarf???     
  ( ´∀`)

LOL This made me, who don’t know much about branch offices, completely remember the member of SKE’s KKS……

Watanabe Mayu “The battery is gonna run out….”
Ogino Risa “Ba….battery…”
Ogino Risa “The dawn of new Japan”
Watanabe Mayu “LOL” (or Wait….: I’m not sure she reacted to Ogino-san’s phrase which is the quote of Sakamoto Ryoma, the legendary hero of Meiji Restoration, or just trying to say the battery of her smartphone is running out)
Ogino Risa “Mayu-san(´・ω・`) “

After all, It ended without deciding whether she will lend a scarf to Ogino-san or not….. Ogino-san in pinch!!!!

Really, without hardly updating her own Gugutasu, she writes this crazy amount of comments on other members Gugutasu…. As we know, Mayuyu does things in her own awesome way!

Setlist selected by Mayuyu from Request Hour Setlist 100 2012
M1 Kimi ha Pegasus / Mitsunume (center), Shinoda, Akimoto, Miyazawa
M2  Blue Rose / Mitsumune, Shinoda, Akimoto, Miyazawa
M3 Itoshisa no Akuseru / Mitsumune
M4 Mushi no Ballad / Mitsunume
M5 Bird / Mitsumune (center), Mayuyu, Sawako
M6 Kinjirareta Futari / Mitsumune, Mayuyu
M7 Yuhi o Miteiruka? / Mitsumune, Mayuyu, Sawako, Kinoshita Momoka
EN1 Heavy Rotation / Mitsumune (center)
Mayuyu, Yuko, Yukirin from Friday’s gravure