AKB48 Team Surprise 5th, Kimi no C/W released, unit members are Mayu, Paruru and Akicha

  September 29, 2012

The new song is so nice, it's a up beat tune, and everyone looks so cute. Personally I love this unit the best among all units!!

MV is so simple enough, and voala! Here comes an official announcement!!


You can download wallpapers from the website, too!!!

Excerpt from (paper) liner notes.

There is an important point when you create this type of song.
Which is, “If girls sing too well, it spoils the charm of the song”.
In other words, it's better if girls sing a little poorly.
This is the universal rule for the world of idols.
Some people don't get this rule, and say “They're not good singers!”, but this is not cool.
That said, this time, maybe Mayuyu sang too well for this genre of song LOL

Ahhh if only I could return to my high school days, and feel the time like this….

The title reads “Kimi no Coupling With“. Nowadays we rarely see this word c/w but until the 80's, we often saw this. Before music content became CD, we called single record, EP. It contains about 5 minute length song in each side. We call the song recorded on the top side, A side, or Title track, which is the main song for the record. And we call the song recorded on the bottom side, B side. It's usually a song that is a sort of bonus, or a song that artists do some playful take with it. This word c/w means the song that is recorded on the bottom side. Which means, this song is considered a some sort of playful, bonus-like song, where you can feel hidden charm, or unusual aspects of your favorite artists.

Thus, this song sings the story of heart aching love of a boy that is in one-way love for a girl who is a model student. If you can figure out the meaning of c/w, then you can understand the lyrics^^


●Model student
●Person who is in a different league
●Don't get jokes
●Girl wearing glasses
●Too serious

●Enthusiastic about Taiko game
●Once she put off glasses, she is so cute
●One wink
●She is devilish

From Official Linernote



  1. kreepy says:

    i still don’t know what is c/w… can anyone enlighten me?

  2. Elyas says:

    C/W is Coupling With

  3. arsnet says:

    I still don’t understand what’s the meaning of the keyword? Is that tracklist of this single? But If that tracklist contains a number of tracks just like that than it’s nit single anymore it’s an album.. O_Oa

  4. cryt says:

    Mayuyu, Akicha, Paruru look so good together in this unit. It looks like their costumes was designed with them PERFECTLY in mind.

    It’s French Kiss design and feel, but alot brighter and cuter (bows, cuffs, polka dots) to give a more youthful aura for Mayuyu and Paruru. The black stripes and top hat make them look like Candy and Ice Cream sellers, lol.

    I like this unit so much based on appearance only, but for a real unit I don’t think their personalities and friendships will combine well in entertainment industry, they’re all too alike as the traditional idol types.

  5. I.D.zeroNo says:

    Ah, that is what it means!