Google x AKB48

  March 31, 2012

This is a belated news but Google’s new commercial “Google Nexus” has hit the TV 24th Mar, which features AKB48.

The series of the collaboration of AKB and Google gave a birth of new unit called “GUGU Tasu Senbatsu” (Google’s Plus Selection team), which we can see what’s up realtime on google+ 

This commercial is also closely linked the GUGU Tasu project, telling a story of each member’s 3 weeks, from the announcement of the birth of GUGU Tasu to the public launch of the commercial on 24th Mar.

The song for commercial is also performed by GUGU Tasu Senbatsu, titled “GUGU Tasu no sora (The Sky of google+)”

AKB48 gave a unique nickname, GUGU Tasu, for Google+. Collaborating with google+, AKB48 will lauch special projects, which is solely dedicated to google+ users. You can enjoy our special projects from the beginning to the end with this AKB48 Stream website. Here we announce our first project GUGU Tasu Selection Team. From the announcement of the unit to the end of Mar kickstart of the commercial, which features members of the units, we share what’s going on, through live-streaming, posts, photos, and all other methods.

AKB48 may be your biggest reason to move to google+!!!