Google Delivered Downgrade of G+, Yesterday

  April 12, 2012

You may already know, for serious AKB fans, it’s prerequisite to join G+ and follow your favorite members. We are very loyal follower of G+ since there’s not any choice actually. AKB never use facebook. They use their official blog and twitter, but G+ is the main playground and official notice board of them. When it comes to AKB, you’ll never fail in G+.

But even we are so loyal, we can’t make heads or tails out of Google’s intention changing interface so much often. It’s not only G+ but Youtube (and facebook) totally changed the interface recently and the reception is unanimously negative.
The worst thing comes with yesterday’s interface re-design of G+ is….. main area appears left end (almost) of the screen.. and everything on the left sidebar relegated to icons, which is pretty un-intuitive… 
Google seems to love gray color background, which I too like since it’s eye-friendly, but I don’t like when they use gray for background of main space or sidebar. It makes whole design sleepy… And… why it’s floating to left???

G+ before