Shinoda Mariko’s Press Conference and AKB48 Official Blog Banner Change

  August 27, 2012

Probably this is an announcement of new big-scale tie-up that will start from this fall.
I guess this is collaboration campaign tie-up with some fashion house.

But look…. this video has “Journalism”, “Politics” tags…. lol

Yasusu used to say “Isn’t it interesting if some members of AKB will become novelists or politicians”??
・Mariko used to belong to “AKB literature club”
・She is the only member who has a right to hold a seat of House of Representative (as old as or older than 25)
Finally we will see the day come when AKB’s member will bid for the national election…

LOL This must be an announcement of a new commercial…. No brainer.

Why do they broadcast on NicoNico video?
That’s perhaps because it’s not that big of a news.

Seriously speaking, this may be mere a press presentation of new clothing or accessory line.

If this is something to do with AKB, they will use their official channel on Youtube to announce the news, so certainly, this is about her “solo” work.

Almost 100% sure, this will be a rollout of new ad or tie-up campaign of a fashion brand~

Pic from Togasaki blog

Pic from AKB official (x3)

Pic from AKB mobile (x6)

I’m so surprised!!
This version can be seen only until Aug 27th?

Now Togasaki’s blog looks like Acchan Ota’s blog… somehow….. lol
Thank you Togasaki for your love to AKB girls.

Translated by Tommy