HKT48 Tashima Meru, the 2nd coming of Matsui Jurina, actually looks cute!!

  September 23, 2012

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I have to admit that she will be the next Ace.

So, was Tashima-chan the Center for Aitakatta???

At least, for today’s show, she was the Center of the 2gen Kenkyusei.

What a surprise!!!
By the way, did 13 members withdraw from the group?
I remember only 3 people withdrew in the 1gen members audition.
But… yeah I can understand that there are many reasons why that many people would withdraw from HKT48…

She is kinda cute, but will they have 12 year-old member to perform theater performances day after day?

In order to never repeat the tragedy of Joe Eriko,
I want them to take good care of this girl…

So is she cute?


Anyway, you can’t tell if she is cute or not from a profile photo.

I’ve never liked members who Yasusu has claimed as outstanding talents.

【HD】 HKT48 2gen candidate Tashima Maru Footage from the audition for Morning Musume

I thought this was Kaname Jun…

Izurina (Izuta Rina)???

She didn’t exude an aura of any kind….

So will her nickname be something like “Meruru”?

Because Namba’s Miru-chan is Mirurun, she will be called Merurun, I guess.

Maybe because she now has bangs,
She looks by far cuter than back when she was at the audition for Morning Musume!

As far as I could see at the theater, she was so shiny and brilliant.

Tajima-san has studied Ballet for 11 years!!
She may be going to be a rival of Chihiro!!

LOL I’m interested in this girl!

Kenkyusei Stage

Party ga Hajimaruyo
Shonichi: Sep 30

SO we will finally be able to listen to HKT48 by HKT48!!!

Party ga hajimaru yo has a less songs… but, yeah, I want to listen to HKT48…

I wanted them to perform HKT48 instead of Aitakatta.
Or should I be looking forward to it on the 30th?

Or… what if the song will be removed from the setlist like Bstar for team M’s Idol no Yoake…. LOL

Uhmmm they chose Party ga Hajimaruyo…
Alright, we may be able to know who’s management’s Oshimen from the positions of Skirt Hirari!!

If the 2gen members can play as Under for team H members,
They can set out to work in Tokyo more often without putting as much of a burden to the group.

Even if Hakata Hykkaten’s filming is conducted in Tokyo, it would be not a big problem.

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