SKE48 Fans to Vote for The New Teams’ Setlist! Explanations from each team’s captain!

  June 14, 2013

Following the first Team Reformation that happened in Nagoya Gaishi Hall on April 13th 2013, SKE48 has opened a voting system for the setlist that will be performed by new teams.

Each team has selected 3 stages from all available stages within 48 Group and the fans are now asked to vote for the setlist that they would most like to see. Fans can vote using either the SKE48 Mobile Site Account or Live! On Demand Account.

The voting period will end on June 15th, 2013.

The choices for the setlists are:

Team S

  • K6th [RESET]
  • A4th [Tadaima Renaichuu]
  • K4th [Saishuu Bell ga Naru]

Team KII

  • A6th [Mokugekisha]
  • A5th [Renai Kinshi Jourei]
  • B5th [Theatre no Megami]

Team E

  • HimawariGumi 1st [Boku ni Taiyou]
  • A4th [Tadaima Renaichuu]
  • HimawariGumi 2nd [Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni ha Ikanai]

This way, we can take a step forward together with fans.” said the captains of the new teams.

As we know, only Team S and Team KII have original setlists of their own. Team S’s current stage, S3rd [ Seifuku no Me ], has been going on for more than 3 years and is the longest running setlist in the entire 48 Group. However, Team KII’s 3rd stage, [ Ramune no Nomikata ] has only been performed for about one and half years. Because this was a special stage for KII as it was their long awaited original stage, fans are questioning the absence of Ramune no Nomikata within KII’s selection.

Takayanagi Akane, captain of new KII, wrote the reason in her SKE48 Ameblo Entry.

We did not put Ramune No Nomikata setlist into the selection because we want to destroy the stereotypical color that KII has up until now. Of course, we will take with us the positive aspects. However, all of us want to let you see the new KII that is different from what you have seen up until now.

A new team with a new setlist is a new team with a new color. What kind of setlist would you like to see from each of the new teams in SKE48? Which setlist will be the one most likely to be picked by fans? Possibilities are numerous and the decision rests within the hands of fans.

To refresh your memories, let us take a look at some of the more notable songs these set lists have, beginning with Team S’s selection.