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  March 11, 2014

JKT48 Performance at Java Jazz 2014

JKT48 Java Jazz Festival 2014

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Last week JKT48 has unique opportunity to perform at 10th edition of the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014, the invitation to perform at Java Jazz came just a week before the show.

JKT48’s participation has sparked mixed reactions within fans or non-fans, some are curious about how they will perform and some were skeptical (even bashed them) because they’re not Jazz artist. But it seems the skepticism fade away when the girls performed, here’s an official picture from Java Jazz

JKT48 Java Jazz Festival 2014

The setlist that JKT48 performed that night are

M01. Flying Get

M02. Medley (Aitakatta-Kimi no Kotoga Suki Dakara-Baby Baby Baby-Ponytail to Shushu)

M03. JKT48

M04 & M05. RIVER & Gomen ne Summer

M06. Oogoe Diamond

M07. Sakura no Shiori

M08. Manatsu no Sounds Good

M09.Koisuru Fortune Cookie

M10. Heavy Rotation

Ten songs were performed by the girls made the crowd ecstatic and pumped.

After the show, Melody in her G+ said that she really proud that they can perform at the big event with short amount of practice time, and she said that if the preparation time is enough they would’ve been able to perform something even better.

Melody Nurramdhani Laksani   2014/03/01

Amen, hopefully we can perform again at JJF next year and the song will be arranged in Jazz and accoustic version.

Yesterday there wasn’t much time to rehearse, but we’ve always tried do the best.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. Hopefully JKT48 will be even more successful in the future. Yoroshiku!

My friends who saw the girls perform caught some crowd (non-fans) reaction either during the concert and after the concert and tweeted it

Culbite   2014/03/01

Wow, JKT can sing like a choir. Their voices are really good! - said some old lady who was amazed
Shania do the hey hey hey dance uncensored, but the crowd pay attention more to Melody and Haruka, sassuga
Some are learning to chant, some smiled a lot, some sang along, they're amazed especially team J MC who always top notch, they're a pro
@#!*%,this crowd all chanting during Heavy Rotation
Ankoru Ankoru, what I tell ya
I felt sorry for girls who were with their boyfriend watching JKT. All lost their self-control and were shouting Nabilah and Melody's name, forgetting that their girlfriends were next to them
Kudos to JKT that given crazy adrenaline pump to the crowd, Java Jazz will never be the same
These girls appreciated the crowd, and they're cute too - said a old man who watch the girls do the last greeting (se-no)