Hitler gets angry about the delay of NMB48 team N's setlist and 2 more about Nagao Mariya etc

  October 4, 2012


I LOL’d the most of all Hitler gets angry series lol

Especially Mirurun’s part where he drums his chest, emulating.

I’m so impressed coz some parts, actually Hitler’s voice and a subtitle really has the same sound lol

Man, this is awesome!

It’s so well-made that I even think management should buy this and play on the monitor of the theater!


In the last scene:

Aoki Hiroyuki (Editor in chief for FLASH): I wanted to release this from my company….

LOL….. Ranking isn’t reflected in this commercial at all.

Takajo 17th

Sayanee 18th

Milky 19th

Sayaka 20th

Amina 21th

Kuramochi 22th

Paruru 23th

Churi 24th

Sawako 25th

Masuda 26th

Masana 27th

Kuumin 28th

Akarin 29th

Airin 30th

Yuria 31th

Ogiso 32th

YURIA-Chan yaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aoki, what the heck are you doing there lol


Nagao Mariya 10/5 0:38

Many people have noticed recently, but…

Please don’t say “I’m sad that your Yaeba disappeared.”

I still have my Yaeba,

But it’s just the position of my Yaeba have changed.

Since about one year ago, I’ve had a wire put on my teeth.

“You look better if you have Yaeba.”

I hope you don’t say this that much if you don’t mind.

This is what I’ve decided on my own.

I want to take it positively.

I had a time, before I get used to this, when I couldn’t speak lines smoothly,

or had difficulty to eat foods.

I still have these problem when I put a wire on.

And it’s still in a process of getting better.

Gradually, little by little.

Please keep supporting me from now on, too.


Nagao Mariya 10/5 0:42

I was asked by so many people during the high touch yesterday. lol

Nagao Mariya 10/5 0:49

It was not easy to decide to confess this….

Everyone, thank you so much for kind words.


Nagao. You’re so courageous to confess it yourself.

I guess so many people told her about her Yaeba…

I guess many fans found it at yesterday’s Matomember,

and just casually talked to her about it….

Come on… team 4 Ota… be more sensitive to members…

Never touch something that girls have an inferior complex about, or doesn’t feel confident about,

This is a rule to be a gentleman^^

Anyway, It’s not something she can get back,

so I want to support her for her brave decision!

It’s good of her to be that honest!!

And this place, google plus is awesome because members can confess their honest feelings^^


This is serious….

Kinoshita Momoka 10/4 23:37

I have no idea what all the thing is about, this is ridiculous. What in the world have I done so far?


No Momoka, don’t jump the gun.

Treacherous charisma in her has came up.

This post has been deleted.

Momoka may be not able to take this anymore…

Momoka is such a nice girl.

She is definitely blaming herself of being unable to help the two before they graduated/withdrew.

It’s natural that she felt desperate, it’s all understandable,

But she shouldn’t give up at this point.

She gotta achieve more for the sake of Riona.

Wait, I thought Momoka will appear in the show today.

I was watching in the lobby but I couldn’t find her .

Was there any official announcement?

There was an announcement on the ticket center’s page.

※Kimoshita Momoka doesn’t appear on the show due to bad condition.

Now the whole reason why team M can still be team M is because the team has Momoka.

Team M would be over when Momoka would leave the team.

But I believe Arii will support Momoka, save her from losing her sanity.

But basically I think Momoka is not a kind of person who dare to do something that makes fans and members sad just because of emotional upsurge.