AKB48 Itano Tomomi to release 4th single “1%” in June, aggressive dance tune equipped with midriff-baring costume

  April 21, 2013

1. AKB48 Itano Tomomi to release 4th single as solo artist

2. SKE48 new song “Water Splash of Youth” (青春の水しぶき) unveiled in TV commercial

It’s announced that Itano Itano of AKB48 will release her 4th solo single “1%” on June 12.


One and 2 months after the release of her 3rd single “you of ten years after (10年後の君へ)”, for the upcoming new single, Tomochin attempts to back to her musical roots, the killer dance tune, which is the pronoun of her style since her debut single “Dear J”.

In the title track “1%”, she sings about feeling of people trying to win the heart of a person whom they’re in love even though it has little possibility.

The MV of the title track was filmed amidst the duzzling skyscrapers of New York at night.

Itano offered a comment to media upon the announcement:

“Following “Dear J”, this brand new single is gonna be my 2nd dance number as a single. For this single, I danced with male dancers for the first time (as a solist). We had lots of meetings in the creation process of the single and I think both the costume and MV for the single are wonderful. Stay tuned for the release!!”

In the MV, you can watch Itano’s handsome and intense dancing with the iconic scene of America, New York Skyscrapers for a  background. 

Of course, like her past three singles, this time again, Itano’s “1%” will be used as ad campaign piece for the 4th collaboration with Japanese Bag brand “Samantha Thavasa”.

When Itano, dressed in pink mini dress, carrying Samantha Vega’s new bag, appeared on the street of New York, local media and paparazzi gathered at the site instantly went frenzy. And when co-star Taylor Momsen joined Itano, Paparazzi’s tension reached the climax.

After the first shoot, Itano and and Taylor changed costumes and appeared in sleek pants. In rhythm to the new song “1%”, they are getting in gorgeous Limousine.

New CM is due to be broadcast at the end of May.

The costarring of fashion icons from the both sides of the pacific is likely to attract big attention beyond the borders.

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