[ AKB48 4th Janken Tournament 2013 ] Research Student Preliminary Round

  July 7, 2013

The preliminary round for the research student has finished, and here are the four winners!

1. Yumoto Ami (15th Generation)

2. Kojima Mako (14th Generation)

3. Tsuchiyasu Mizuki (15th Generation)

4. Owada Nana (15th Generation)

With the following members, that means not a single 13th Generation member managed to get in,  in which they call it “Complete 13th gen Annihilation

The 2ch named the 4 winners as such:

1. Yumoto Ami >> The backward somersault member

2. Kojima Mako >> The Ace of 14th Generation

3. Tsuchiyasu Mizuki >> The beautiful girl who has established reputation in MC

4. Owada Nana >> The Ace of 15th Generation

One of the comments said,

“Except the fact that there are too many 15th Generation and that 13th Generation is completely annihilated, member-wise it isn’t a bad combination.”


Source: (Matomenba)

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