All Night Nippon 2013.12.14 (Kashiwagi Yuki, Sashihara Rino and Watanabe Mayu)

  December 15, 2013

Maybe you have already finished listening to yesterday’s episode of ANN (Dec 13th, 2013). Maybe you haven’t, but that’s okay! Because I’m listening to the radio show for you!

*This episode of ANN is hosted by Sashihara Rino, Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu. The cast has been chosen by Sashihara Rino’s request. For the details of this story, read on below!


Mayu: “Ah… Good evening. This is Watanabe Mayu. Although I’ve held a mic on this show for a lot of times, this is my first live-broadcast. You see, I’m a bit tense. *Breathe*”

Sashi: “Wooo”

Mayu: “I can feel my heartbeat is speeding up. Gee, my heart would pop out… Okay so… I’ll try talk on mic as comfortably as possible. I’ll try to enjoy the show with the help from other members…!”

Mayu: “So… today we have Sasshî and Yukirin. Looks like Yukirin doesn’t like ANN very much, and so this is the 1st time she holds a mic in this show in 1 year and 9 months, although she is a regular cast member of this show. Don’t you think she takes this show very lightly? And show’s other DJ today is Sasshî.”

Sasshi: “Scary (of what Mayu would talk about her in this introduction lol)”

Mayu: “Well, Sasshi is, of course, not a member of AKB48…”

Sasshi: “*Gasp*” Sashi is literally gasping for air as if Mayu’s words are choking her neck lol

Mayu: “But she’s a member of HKT48. Not to mention, she is a playing manager there. Yeah, yeah, what wonderful members I have today for my first live broadcast of ANN!”

Sasshi: “Oh really? (Did you say I’m wonderful!?)”

Mayu: “So Yeah, Yeah, let’s get our shit together! So yeah, AKB48 All Night Nippon starts right now!!”

Sasshi: “You’re so damn upbeat tonight! lol”


Mayu: “So yeahhhhhHH!! I’m today’s DJ, Watanabe Mayu!!

Sasshi: “Domo domo domo (thank you thank you thank you in the most casual way possible) I’m Sashihara~”

Yukirin: “I’m Kashiwagi Yuki~ Good evening~”

Sasshi: “Mayuyu, you’re so upbeat today. I was frightened when you suddenly got ‘high’ halfway the intro, like ‘So yeahhhhHHHH!!!!!‘.”

Mayu: “I got high in 0.1 second. hehe”

Sashi: “As you said in the intro, this is Yukirin’s 1st time to hold a mic in this show in 1 year and 9 months! Almost 2 years! You know, you can listen to her voice on that show (Yukirin Time) regularly but never on this show. I mean, you gotta change your nickname to, say…. how about ‘ANN Always Has A Special Place in My Heart! (I’m Kashiwagi Yuki)’”

Mayu: “Yeah, let’s change it!”

Sasshi: “So when Mayu and I hosted the show earlier this year, we talked that maybe we would want to set a more comfortable environment for Mayu so that she can speak talk about anything in a friendly manner, and so, we have Yukirin here! Two of us are the 3rd generation, and I’m the 5th generation. We are the members of ‘9’”

Mayu, Yukirin: “9? 9? Kyu?”

*9 (Kyu in Japanese) has the same sound as adjective form of “old”

Sasshi: “9…. ‘OLD’ Team B.”

Mayu: “Bond of OLD Team B! Yes!”

Sashi: “And no matter what (inappropriate remarks) you would make in today’s show, they’ll be never censored! This episode is titled ANN Winter Revelation Festival, and in this show, we’ll share with listeners funny charms of Mayuyu-chan!”

Mayu: “Let’s share with em! Hi yooo!”

Sashi: “Are you tense? I’m sure you’re tense lol”

Mayu: “Because this is the first time ever for me to join live-broadcast in this late hour…!” (She is talking very fast in a high-pitched tone)

Sashi: “I see you’re trembling. When I first hosted live broadcast of this show, I was alone with Yuko-chan. Sounds scary isn’t it?”

Yukirin: “Yeah, I once hosted the show alone w/ Yuko-chan, too.”

Sashi: “And it was frightening, wasn’t it?”

Yukirin: “Sure. I found myself unable to find one single thing that I was better at than her!”

Sashi: “How do you put it? Like… hey we can’t fight her with bare bear hands. So compared to that, look, today we have a nice environment.”

Mayu: “Yeah, and it’s also because we’re all old team B”

Sashi: “Nostalgic, isn’t it?”


Sashi: “As usual, we’re asking listeners to send us theme-based questions. Today’s first theme is ‘Is this real?’. You see episodes, histories and trivias of us on paper, TV, radio and other various outlets, but some of them are getting old.”

Yukirin: “YES!!” (suddenly manly voice)   Sashi: “Yeah? lol”   Mayu: “YES!!”

Sashi: “So today, we’re gonna answer to your questions as if we were attempting to totally update our stale profile! Of course you can send us a simple question that you wish to know it’s answer, like this one, ‘Mayuyu still gets mad when someone touched her bangs.’ or ‘Yukirin is rain-bringer.’”

Yukirin: “Yes.”

Sashi: “lol Or ‘Sashihara Rino actually doesn’t like Oita based J-league team Oita Trinita.’ That’s our examples. So you can ask us any kind of questions, just shoot us e-mails @… (Yukirin reads out e-mail addy and other necessary information to put on the e-mails)”

Sashi: “Anyways, these three are very close friends, so we want to talk about things that we feel like to share only when we are together. AND! We’ll later announce super gorgeous presents to listeners! (Mayu: “OMG!!! Are You Serious?”) Don’t miss it or you’ll regret for life! (Mayu: “I DON’T WANNA REGRET!).”

Sashi: “You may be able to spend Christmas together with…. us…!?”

Mayu: “Woooooo, so make sure to listen to the show til the show ends!!”


Sashi: “Mayu-chan’s wrist turned red lol She scratched. Itchy? Do you have an itch there?”

Mayu: “Yeah, they’re. I scratched the itch and it became red. Help me.”

Sashi; “LOL So… LOL this is the first song on today’s show. It’s AKB48 34th Single by Janken Single. Unfortunately none of us sings in this song”

Yukirin: “Sad!”

Sashi: “Center of this song is Jurina-chan. (Yukirin: “Wow!” Mayu: “YES!”)”

Sashi: “It’s a song by A.. AKB48 (She stuttered before starting to introduce the insanely long song title), ‘Suzukake no Ki no Michi de, Kimi no hitomi ni yume o miru to itteshimattara

Yukirin: “Bokudachi no kankei ha doukawatteshimaunodaroka

Mayu: “Bokunarini nannichi ka kangaetauedeno yayakihazukasi ketsuron no yonamono


Mayu: “Yeah it’s live-broadcast! Hooooo!!”

Yukirin: “Yayyyyy!”

Sashi: “You guys are so excited. But I actually feel a bit tense.”

Mayu: “Eh, why?”

Sashi: “Because, don’t you think it’s scary? You might end up saying something you should never say!”

Mayu: “There’s no *Peee* sound. All you talk will be aired live!”

Sashi: “And they’re listening to our conversation now right at this moment!”

Mayu: “Means Mr.Strangers are listening to our talk?”

Sashi: “Yeah lol Someone is listening to what we talk! Do you start feeling nervous? haha”

Mayu: “Oh geez. Please leave us alone! (In her usual handsome voice!!)”

Sashi: “LOL No, please listen to our show!! Please!”

Yukirin: “Leaving us alone means this is not a radio show anymore lol”

(24-hour charity radio show announcement)

Sashi: “And said 24-hour show have a super wonderful gift for you! Do you feel lonely this Christmas?”

Mayu: “Yes!”

Sashi: “lol I’m not asking you, Mayuyu! Let’s continue… Do you want to spend your Christmas with AKB48 members? We have special present for you!”

Mayu: “You can get a free ticket for AKB48 Radio Charity Musicson (Music+Marathon) Special Count-Down Live Concert & All Night Nippon’s recording!”

♪Booked Christma~ Our Romance~

Sashi: “LOL Romance is not quite right for this. So we hold count-down live concert here at Nippon Hoso during the broadcast of Musicson on 24th. Then, after the date has changed, we broadcast ANN. Both are recorded in front of audiences, and we’ll invite 100 listeners to this event! Needless to say, it’s a free ticket!”

Mayu & Yukirin: “Yattaaaaa!! Thanks so much!”

Sashi: “In addition, only 100 people that are listening to this show right now will be invited!!”

Mayu: “Wait, only 100 people are currently listening to our show?”

Sashi: “NOOO. I mean out of all the people across Japan currently tuning in to our show, 100 will get free tickets! I guess at least more than 100 people are listening to our show now.”

Mayu: “I guess so, if it were 100, it’d be very… scary.”

Sashi: “lol”

Mayu: “Well, so who will be on the live shows?”

Sashi: “You know, we gotta assemble all members of Old Team B!!”

Yukirin: “Holy….!”

Sashi: “Cindy….! Harugon…!”

Yukirin: “Nacchan…!”

Sashi: “Let’s call over her from JKT48!”

Yukirin: “Nice! We gotta have them with us!!”

Sashi: “Naruppe, ”

Mayuu: “Yonechan!”

Sashi: “Moeno! Chris!”

Yukirin: “lol Please be sure the cast hasn’t yet been decided.”

Sashi: “Moeno won’t come? Kikuchi won’t come?”

Yukirin: “We hasn’t yet had a specific plan! We don’t know if team B will gather for the shows!”

Sashi: “But I have got an impression that Cindy will come!

Mayu: “Cindy will come even if nobody asked her to come!” (and they burst into laughters”

Yukirin screamed: “Audience lol

Sashi: “We’ll see her in audience!

Mayu: “Cruel Reality lol


Sashi: “So Mayu-chan, I heard you guys will release the best album of Watariroka Hashiritai 7, and the unit will be disbanded after the release?”

Mayu: “Exactly, due to member conflicts….”

Sashi: “So, what the heck is member conflicts? Am I even allowed to pick that up?”

Mayu: “But you know, our members are all very strong-headed, and so we end up quarrelling.”

Sashi: “Holy cow! I believed you were not a kind of person who gets in a verbal fight! You never fight, don’t you?”

Mayu: “I do!”

Sashi & Yukirin: “Seriously?”

Mayu: “Guys, it’s what you call ‘Wakage no Italian (Folly of Youth)’” (She spoke in the absolutely same voice as the character she portrayed in Mechaike)


Sashi: “Yeah I know there’s a song with that title. But anyways, Warota consists of many of old team B members, and it has Nacchan, right?”

Mayu: “Nacchan. Yeah.”

Sashi: “We have had many memorable moments with Nacchan.”

Yukirin: “Sure. When it comes to old team B, it’s all about Nacchan.”

Mayu: “Yeah, Nacchan was a heavyweight of the old team B.”

Sashiu: “*Laugh* There were lots of events, but what I remember the most is…”

Yukirin: “I already know what you will say.”

Sashi: “During the rehearsal, umm what the title of the song? I think that was Inochi no Tsukaimichi. So the song has the line that goes like this: “Konomama Hitori… (If the train’d reach the terminal station with me on board all alone). And before this line, we count one to eight. There is an strong emphasis on the final eight.” (14:00)

Sashi: “So Nacchan was teaching a member how to perform that part of the song, and then, maybe she really put her muscle into emphasizing it, she counted ‘1, 2…, 7’ and then ‘UN! Ko No Ma Ma….’. Matsuyuki, keep in your mind, it’s ‘UN-KO!'”

*UN-KO: Poo

Yukirin: “Because Nacchan seemed to never realize how what she was talking sounds to us, we became quiet.”

Yukirin: “And as we kept listening to her lecture, some started buzzing about that.”

Sashi: “She repeated that for so many times! ‘Hey Matsuyuki, you’ll do it like this, ‘UN-KO!'”

(ANN staff played the audio of this part of the song)

Sashi: “So nostalgic~! So speaking of Nacchan, she often sings songs wrong. In the song Kobushi no Seigi, there is a line goers like ‘Growing Feeling is in Voice message left on my cellphone. (VM left on my phone akes me work up)’ And she sang it like this: ‘My Cellphone’s Charger.’ She improvised the lyrics! She also made them up for the song Tanpopo no Kesshin. As you know, time to time, we sing songs LIVE, and actually, probably more than you think, we sing live for a theater performance. What I mean is Nacchan sings louder.”

Yukirin: “Yeah, she sings from her stomach, so her voice carries well. So the song starts, we dance to the song’s mellow intro, and then…”

(Staffs start playing the intro of the song)

Mayu: “yeah it employs a subdued, elegant tune for it’s intro, and then…”

Sashi: “Everyone is smiling softly. This song marks a finale of the show, FYI. Now the intro is about to end and we start singing.”

Sashi then screams “SENROOOO!!!!” (16:18~)

Yukirin: “This is not a dis!! This has been a topic of our conversation for a long time since then!”

Sashi: “And we can talk about this even if Nacchan is present. And when we talk about Tanpopo no Kesshin… (dandelion’s resolution)”

Yukirin: “LOL”

Sashi: “LOL So we had a member called Komori Mika, who recently graduated from AKB48. Once she did the rehearsal of the song in front of us. She was standing at the stage charmingly, and proceeded to introduce the song title to the audience. ‘Ok so the song I’ll sing is Tanpopo no Keshiki (View of Dandelions) And our audio engineer started playing the song as if nothing went wrong!’

Yukirin: “That gave us quite a buzz.”

Sashi: “Yeah. and sorry for going a bit off-topic, but speaking of Komori, I guess many of fans have been wondering and concerned about how she’s been doing lately. So recently I had my birthday, and I received a (text) message from her! No, that was not for congratulating on my birthday. She just put a photo of cat in the message, so I replied her asking why she sent this, and got no reply. She read it and leave it. lol”

Yukirin: “Really? Ah, well, she sometimes calls me on phone.”

Sashi: “Daaan, so mysterious! lol So how about texting her right here, right now?”

Yukirin: “I guess she’ll give us a quick reply.”

Sashi: “But What if she read it but not reply just like she did for me on my B’day lol”

(After commercials…)

Sashi: “So I got a reply from  Komori. I asked her to send me a voice message and she sent it to me. Can I play it now?”


Voice message from Komori: “Omori, Chumori, but what you like the best is KOMORI~”

*Omori(2 servings), Chumori(1.5 serving), Komori(1 serving)

Mayu: “making this elated voice at 2am…!”

Sashi: “And another one…”

Komori: “Let’s me do an impersonation for you… Oi! Nobita!!”

Yukirin: “Whatta…”

Sashi: “Her voice message ends here.”

Yukirin: “Is that all? Who was she impersonating? Gian (from Draemon)?”

Mayu: “Yes, I think she impersonated Gian…”

Sashi: “So I think these were enough to convince all these concerned fans that Komori hasn’t changed a bit lol”

Sashi: “So it’s about 20 minutes since the show started, and we got some messages from fans sharing their impression about today’s show.”

Mayu: “They Sent Us Letters…!?”


Sashi: “This is a letter from Tsubame no Bancho-san (Swallow School Gang Leader)”

Mayu immediately roared, “BANCHOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Sashi: “lol That’s what clicked with you?”

Mayu continued her play-acting, “Myyiiiiii BanchoooooooOOOOUUUUU”

Sashi: “Okay, let’s me read his name again.

Mayu: “Yes.”

Sashi: “Tsubame no Bancho-sa….”

Mayu: “Bancho!!!!!!!!”

Sashi: “AGAIN! So that’s what clicked with you! Before, you showed unusual interest to Tano-Tomuc..(たのとむっく)”

Mayu: “Oh Tano-Tomuc-san Sent Us Emails Tonight!?!?”

Sashi: “LOL So if you were listening to this, Tano-Tomuc-san, we’d love to read a letter from you!”


Sashi: “Bancho wrote, Rino-chan, I so look forward to seeing Mayu’s funny side! Rino-chan sure will do a marvelous job at this! As for Yukirin, meh~.”

Yukirin: “What! Looks like everyone is very mean to me today!”

Sashi: “But think about it Yukirin. That’s may be because you haven’t been on this show for quite a while.”

Yukirin: “Yeah…”

Sashi: “So speaking of Tano-Tomuc… I somehow automatically assumed that Tano-Tomuc was something Tanochan and Tomu were familiar with. So when I talked to them, I said: ‘Hi, you know, last time, Tano-Tomuc sent us a letter for ANN!’, and they were like ‘What the hell?’ Looked totally unimpressed.”

Yukirin: “*Laughter*”

Sashi: “So they didn’t know of Tano-Tomuc at all.”

Mayu: “Tano-Tomuc hasn’t yet been recognized by them…”

Sashi: “At least not yet. But I guess, still, many people bring this up to you at HS events?”

Mayu: “Yeah! So when they begin saying, ‘So that Tano-Tomuc is…’, I almost automatically respond ‘So You’re Mr.Tano-Tomuc!?’ ‘No, I’m not him…’, to my disappointment, they deny, of course.”

Sashi: “So when Mayu and I were featured as DJ on ANN in last June, a fan by the name of Tano-Tomuc sent us a letter. Now I gotta say I don’t remember what was written in his letter at all, but his name, Tano-Tomuc, was somehow a huge hit for Mayu. Apparently he likes Tanochan and Tomu-chan, but why Mayuyu found it so funny?”

Mayu: “That naming is just so awesome!”

Sashi: “Tano-Tomuc! Yeah, it sounds good.”

Yukirin: “Tano-Tomuc?”

Mayu: “Tano-Tomuc!!!!!!”


(This post is incomplete and will be updated soon after I return home. Given the sheer volume of the show, I’ll certainly drop some parts of the show from the translation, but guarantee you that funny parts will never be missed out…!)