Confirmed, The Best Unit of 48 group is MayuSashi – Watanabe Mayu and Sashihara Rino

  October 14, 2012

I think you have no objection!

Say…. Mayu and Sashi’s W center, or MayuSashi’s subunit…

I really want to see it in real!

I honestly think it’s actually Sashiko who can bring out the potential of Mayuyu to the fullest.

I can see the limit of MayuYukirin’s daughter and mother relationship.

I want them to market the two like they did for “Avocado Ja’ne~shi”

I don’t approve anything but MayuYukirin!!

I don’t have any objection.

By forming a combi with Sashihara, Mayuyu’s one and only shortcoming, “Ability to fit in variety TV shows” will be narrowed down!!!!!!

My only choice is SenNezu.

Please include Yuria.

MayuJuri is the only choice for me.

I think SenNezu would be just a combi that is damn diligent but nothing unique.

Their only common point is to be diligent.

There’s no room to develop in SenNezu in real life.

As far as I can see from Avocado, their voices are harmonized with each other very well.

MayuYukirin + Sashihara would be the most awesome and strongest badass subunit.

↑Surprisingly they’re 2nd~4th members in the election. It would be a game breaking subunit!

Though Sashihara’s influence in mainstream media is far bigger than the 2nd and 3rd members… lol

As you can clearly see from the management’s move to market ANRIRE or HKT by making the most of Sashihara’s popularity.

Yukirin is able to stop Mayuyu from going out of control,

but she can’t bring out the potential of Mayuyu to the fullest.

But looking at Sashihara, she can tame the wild animal called Murashige and is gradually bringing out true hidden potentials of HKT48 members.

I really want to see MayuSashi for the sake of Mayuyu!

The thing is, anyone can benefit from making a combi with Sashihara.

After all, Sashihara is far more talented and influencial in terms of the ability to market herself, provide topics to media, and popularity than the rest of AKB members.

↑You nailed it. It’s not Mayuyu is accidentally compatible with Sashiko, but Sashiko can bring out a unique potential of members no matter who they are.

But…. when I listened to Avocado, I thought if there weren’t that scandal, management was going to market them as a combi.

Actually most members of 7gen or after have obtained their unique personalities thanks to Sashihara talking about them in diverse media outlets.

Sashiko is the most hardcore Idol Otaku, I can say for sure.

I’ve never seen anyone who can introduce idols as good as Sashiko does.

I want to watch MayuSashi going out of control.

Like the one in making footage of SevenEleven’s commercial.

I’ve been gradually convinced that Mayuyu won’t be a Center of AKB.

Probably she will keep staying in a good position in AKB’s Senbatsu.

But like Sashihara, she will be marketed in an unique way that fits her the most.

I have an impression that Sashihara has gone to the whole different stage from the rest of AKB members.

I’m trying to say neither she is better than the rest nor worse than the rest of members, but just want to say she is now playing a different game in a different field.

Sure, they have a synergetic effect with each other.

For example, you watch Syncro Tokimeki by Sassy, you may think “Wow! Sassy is actually cute despite my image of her!”

And when you watch the original version, you may think “Mayuyu is the perfect idol!! Awww!!!”