Team KII’s Valentine Stage is a Kami Stage! and a shocking truth behind It

  February 17, 2014

Team KII's Valentine Stage is a Kami Stage!

February 14th is Valentine’s days. To spend Valentine’s day not with loved ones (or having no current loved ones) might be terribly lonely, but we might as well call these fans who managed to get into Team KII’s Valentine stage as terribly lucky.

The surprises that happened in that stage worth walking through snow storms and cold (this is a literal expression because that day it was heavily snowing throughout Japan).

In this stage, there was an array of amazing hairstyles!







There was also a lovely moment from the infamous Furuyanagi.

Akane: “Last night I read member’s ameblo posts. Furukawa Airi-chan made a Q&A section. Within that post, in a particular part, there was a question “Which between Rena-san and Churi is your most favorite?


Answer: To favorite Rena-san will be desecrating. To favorite Churi is creepy.

Akane: “Churi is plainly hurt.” (Akane began to “cry”)

Airi: “No way!”


Akane: (Cry) “It’s… very..” (cry)

Airi: “Okay, Okay, I like you. I like you.”

akane suki

Uchiyama Mikoto’s comment: “Do it backstage! Do it backstage!”



Airi: “What the heck is this.”

And Satou Mieko, who was supposed to be rest from performing, came up on stage during the jikoshoukai just as vibrant as ever (with a comical skit since Katou Rumi almost returned to the backstage and forgetting she was supposed to announce Satou Mieko’s appearance on the stage)


rumi lol

Satou Mieko came with the cheers from the audience.

Satou Mieko: “Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” (the audience stopped cheering) (Mieko turned to Katou Rumi)

mieko vs rumi

“You seriously forgot, didn’t you?!”

It turned out Mieko injured herself because of the marathon she did. It wasn’t painful for daily activities so she continued running, however she went to the hospital and was told to rest. In a bit more time she would be okay.


Satou Mieko was as healthy as always

Yamada Mizuho also revealed that every since she got into SKE, she had been in all Valentine stage SKE had, thus this stage counted as the fourth time for her to be in a Valentine Stage.

After that were the unit songs. It turned kind of special because Takagi Yumana became Mieko’s under in Arashi no Yoru ni Wa. (Mieko very rarely absent in a theater performance so this performance is extremely rare)


It also isn’t every time you see Locker Room Boy with these kind of hair style: the big “ribbon” and the “horn”

locker room

locker room2

Or Yokaze no Shiwaza with this hairstyle


And the surprise in the second MC.

Matsurina: “Today is Valentine. As expected, when we talked of Valentine *cough* you trade chocolate or home made sweets with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Now I want to know if we were to be girlfriends, how do we give ours to our boyfriend? I want to know.”

Maimai: “But then we need someone to play the male part…”


Mieko: “THAT IS WHY I AM HERE. It’s my specialty!”

Airi: “A very small male, though.”

The first was Koami.

Who gave chocolate to everyone..

2nd mc1

…before then approached the “boyfriend”

2nd mc2

“I’ll give yours later.”

(audience cheered)

Everyone agreed that was a superb setting.

The next was Maimai.

2nd mc3


Mieko: “There’s no way I’m eating that!”

She said it was, “a girl who tried too hard” setting. It was so creepy that Rumi said “It was an act that will draw men away from you.”

The next was Mizuho, which was interrupted by a certain cute girl fangirl’s noises.

Mizuho: “You see, Mieo.. because you’re not getting any from other girls, here I give you! It’s not like it’s for real okay…”


2nd mc4

Maimai: (drops to the ground) “Mai wants it too! Mai wants it too!”

Airi: “Be quiet, will you?”

Matsurina summed everything up with, “although there are many ways to deliver your love, as there are many personalities, Everyone, please, do it freely however way you want.”

The next MC was:

“The way of giving chocolate that will most ruin the receiver’s feelings”

Yumana’s version:
“Ermmm… you see… Here, a chocolate.. …. From 10 years ago.”

Ayachan’s version:
“Um… Here, a handmade chocolate. Yesterday night, without sleeping at all, it was made….. by Papa.”

Yukari’s version:
“Ah! Sentarou-kun! Here, for you! Eh…? Your name is Shoutarou-kun? Ah well, the name’s wrong but here, take it anyway!”

Moko’s version:
“I’m sorry to have called you to this place. Because there is a left over, here eat this!”

Reona’s version:
“You see… I want to give you a chocolate but since it’s gone, there aint none!”

>>> Harutamu’s version of Reona’s version: “Here, for you, for you, for you… ah! I run out, so none for you!”

Aritan totally forgot the whole context and only said, “Please look at me”, which everyone asked, “where is the giving chocolate part?!”

Harutamu’s version:
“Here, it’s a homemade gift! Please eat it! ……. Yes! OOO-kun is the 22nd boy. okay~!”

Akane’s part… needs a warning.



“Shiba-kun, this chocolate… will you give it to Yuasa-kun?”



As for the encore, instead of the usual encore costume, they came in with a Choco no Dorei costume.


KII oshi song was also “customized”, that every phrase during every member’s phrase part changed to have Valentine or chocolate Theme.

Maimai: “チョコレートにしてある!” (I will chocolate-d you!!)

Mikotty: “受け取って!はい!” (Here! Please take this!)

Ayachan: “初めて作ったの~” (It’s the first time for me to make it!)

Koami: “浮気は禁止!” (Cheating is not allowed!)

Aritan: “はい、どうぞ!” (Here, for you!)

Reona: “ILOVEみんな!” (I love everyone!)

Aisa: “ラブラブきゅんきゅん!” (love love Kyun kyun!)

Rumi: “別に好きだし” (since I particularly love you)

Matsurina: (in very very sexy voice) “チョコ~~~” (Choco~~~~~~ <3)

Yumana: “食べちゃった~!てへ” (Ooopsies! I ate it!)

Moko: “跪きなさい” (Kneel before me)

Mizuho: “チョコなんてあ~げない!” (I won’t give you such things as chocolate!)

Harutamu: “食べたよ~!だ・い・す・き!てへ!” (I ate it! I. LOVE. YOU! tehe!)

Yukari: “ゆかりの気持ち受け取って~!” (Please receive my feelings!)

Airin: “バレンタインは中止です!” (Valentine is CANCELLED!)

Akane: “チョコ、食べちゃった、ひゃはっぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ!” (Chocolate, I accidentally ate it, HYAHAAAAA!)

After Airin’s part, the audiences laughed so hard there was barely any chant for Akane’s name.


Also, as an exchange for Sansei Kawaii, they performed Choco no Dorei. After the very last song, Bokutachi no Kamihikouki, before they gave the last bow, Mieko came with her own paper plane to throw.

Mieko paper plane

Airin: “That flew amazingly!

Mieko: “Since I made it by looking at the instruction book.”

Akane: “You keep on making it backstage right? That took around 2 hours.”

Mieko: “I made it with all my might while watching you.”

Akane: “Thank you for your hardwork!”

Another surprise also awaited all audience. In exchange for high touch, the members lined up with chocolate in their hands. The audiences each got a chocolate from the members themselves!!

… and I shall be quite selfish to haughtily said I got mine that day right from the hands of Takayanagi Akane herself.

2014-02-14 20.39.05

2014-02-14 22.24.13

Needless to say, it was a kami stage in both fanservice to the audience and also for the performances.

sources: 1,2,3, 4, photos from twitter users Takumi and DMM

The Shocking Truth Behind KII's Valentine Stage

Sad news was delivered from Satou Mieko’s Official Blog on February 15 15:45.

To Everyone

To everyone who always supported me

On February 14th’s morning, my beloved grandfather passed away.
even though he lived separately,
with my towel and poster plastered on the living room wall, he always supported me.

Yesterday there was so many things happening,
just like a mischief of coincidence, for me, the saddest things and also a very happy things happens at the same time, to tell you the truth, my emotions were complete disorder.

There was also the stage
for the stage, even though I only came out during the talk, I was troubled until the very moment of the performance.

When I consulted the staff,
we came to the conclusion that I will suspend from attending the handshake event.

I was troubled, since I had to suspend attending the handshake event which so many people already waited for.

This time, I prioritize my own feelings.

For those who have already look forward to it I am very sorry.

Whilst I am still yet to calm down, since I cannot talk more than this, these are all the information that I can give you today.

I will sort my own emotions,
then I will return to your side again.

Satou Mieko

This news shocked fans, especially because she was as vibrant as always in the Valentine Stage. The thread was flooded with condolences and admiration for her dedication and strength.

May Satou Mieko’s grandfather rest in piece. Deepest condolences to her, and may she and her family be given strength.