Atsuko Maeda To Make Soba Noodles For Upcoming Election

  April 25, 2012

On 4th Apr, about 2 weeks after the sudden announcement of her graduation Acchan (Atsuko Maeda) attended a memorial event for the release of her 5th photobook “Bukiyou”, where she was surrounded bytons of media attention trying to catch her voice.

Few days after attending mini-concert in Hong Kong, appeared in the venue, she looked rather relaxed with bright face expression and frequently smiled. The title of the photobook “Bukiyou” is a term she used to describe herself in her Youtube message video. She also said staffs and fans often use this word to explain their impression on her. The theme of the phorobook is “Memorial of 20 years old”. As she turned 20, there’s a shot in which she hold a glass of wine or the sensational revealing shot, which one post in this website somehow made by far the popular. On this hand-bra shot which has stolen attention from all over the world, she surfaced shy smile on her face and said “I was having a very strange feeling.”

She goes on to talk about vote counting event held on 6th June at Nippon Budo-Kan, said “I want to support all members beside them.

She also added the time of her graduation has not yet scheduled. Until the very last moment she will continue to be AKB’s Atsuko Maeda, the Ace of AKB.

Japanese fans quickly reacted to her remark by their usual clever or cheesy prank “Atsuko Maeda will make Soba noodle for members to  cheer up them to go through the cruel election fight.

*Soba has 2 meanings in Japanese

Source YahooJ, two chan