Acchan Makes Fun Of Unique Feature of Her Facial Parts

  May 6, 2012

Over these years many people pointed out that Acchan‘s facial parts are concentrated near the center of her face. But in this episode of AKB motor club, she bravely made fun of this humiliating description of her face.

In order to disguise herself in a driving school, she wear this black frame glasses. It’s not her choice but program’s directors request to which Acchan complained because…..
(She said she even walks streets of Shibuya without any disguise!!)

Acchan “I look really odd with glasses!!! Because there’ll be so much space around my eyes!!!”
Director “That’s because your face is small!”
Acchan “No No it’s because my ficial parts are concentrated near the center of my face….”
Then she wore a mask, which made her look a little bit suspicious person!!

According to two channel’s Acchan fan thread, this is the first time she publicly made fun of her unique facial feature.

Fans reaction include “Accan you don’t have to say by yourself… Everyone knows you’re cute..” “Uhmmm it made me uneasy…. don’t make fun of yourself…” “LOL this made me like her a little bit.” “Don’t tease Acchan Fuji (Television)!!”