Rena Gives Up Her Hope To Be Sadako

  May 23, 2012

Rena fans have been complaining about why Rena wasn’t chosen for Sadako’s role in upcoming movie 3D Ring, as Rena has been interested (?) in the role which is obvious if you are following her on G+…

Rena Matsui on G+ (on 9th May)

But today Rena seemed to have declared that she gave up her hope to star 3D Ring as Sadako.

Rena Matsui (on today, 23th May)
“I’m wondering whether I should have my bang hair long or short….
When I have a long bang… I become Kitarou after dancing.
Can you ask your advise?”

“Okay… I will change this flat bang…. I will have side swept bang….
It’s secret that I’m surprised by some opinion that their image of my bang hair is long….”

“I’ll cut my bang hair within several days….
Good bye Sadako!”

A little while ago, fans started a thread titled “Why Rena was’t chosen for Sadako’s role in movie 3D Ring“, and one fan answered….

Rena is an angle so she can’t play a role of  ghost…