By chance, now I’m watching Party ga Hajimaruyo, and it somehow makes me feel like crying.
Other AKB songs, I can think of now, that make me cry are Sakurano Hanabiratachi and Seventeen.
Seventeen especially reminds me of my old memories…
So…. tell me your AKB songs that make you cry!

(In March 2006, I moved to Tokyo to join a company after I graduated the university. My old friend in Tokyo was one of the earliest fan of AKB48, and he brought me to AKB theater in Akihabara. Party ga Hajimaruyo Stage is the first AKB’s stage I watched then TT)

 I cried with PV-like video of Mokugekisya…..

River and Iiwake Maybe
Oh wait, with both I cried as I was watching MV.
With songs only, I’ve never cried so far.

Sakurano Hanabiratachi.

Nakinagara Hohoende

And, thought it’s not highly appreciated here, GM5 makes me cry.
During the interlude of the song, I will reach the peak of my emotion….

For me… Sasae makes me so emotional…

Their winning performance at Record Taisyo is timeless… It never fails to make me cry.

Only Today

Seisyunn to Kizukaraimama
Hatsukoi no Yukue to Playball (Coupling to Nagiichi)

Sougen no Kiseki

It’s a good song to listen when you get tired.

After all, I would choose Sakurano Hanabiratachi as my personal best in this category. Rider is also nice.

(If you don’t know the meaning behind the title of Rider, you can find it in the past post on this site.)

There is a clear line separating “songs” and “MVs” that make us cry.

Yes. MV of Junen Zakura always makes me cry…

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Sakurano Kininarou

It was released at the same time when my friend was killed in a bike accident.
I see his image through Jurina….

MV wise, there may be a consensus that Sakurano Kininarou is the best, but song wise, this is one of the most touching songs, I think.

I would like to say Sasae or Shonichi, but…. listening to Flying Get reminds me of Record Taisyo and my tears start to flow down…..

Some people look down those who still listen to idols’ songs, but maybe they don’t know that AKB’s songs have really nice lyrics…

Because the songwriter of AKB is AkiP who wrote the lyric of Kawano Nagareno Youni
This must be Sasae.
If AKB is more about Senkyo or Janken things, then AKB would never create such passionate fan base.
Their long history of theater performance is what made AKB today.
Himawari, Sougen no Kinoshitade, Sakurano Kininarou

The only song I can cry with is Fan Letter from K5th.
Though this hasn’t ever ranked in AX, few people (except K Ota) know this song…

I’m a newbie Ota, but I really like the song.

Today I went to their A stage at Ichikawa-city, and I cried with this song…
Yuuhi o Miteiruka

Even without knowing the story of the song, melody of Shonichi makes my eyes wet every time I listen to the song.

Chime ha Love Song. This song reminds me of old team S….

Omatase Setlist.… This song brings back the memory of last year’s Churi…..

Kokoni Itakoto
This is gonna be the ending song of Tokyo Dome concert…..

The song also brings back the memory of last year’s AKB from Senkyo to Seibu dome….