Episodes of AKB members that surprised you when you first heard about them.

  July 21, 2012

Kuramochi’s dad was a professional baseball player.

Sashihara-san is/was sexually aggressive.

The moment that I discovered that one of the members lives in my neighborhood (about 30m if you measure the distance in a straight line.)

Watakabe’s daughter joined HKT48.
By the way, I’m a Hawks fan.

Paruru worried so much that she had suffered alopecia areata.

Shimazaki Haruka confessed that she had suffered alopecia areata in the past.

Soon after the debut, I was given a chance to make a cover appearance in Shonen Sunday magazine. Looking back from now, it was a great thing, but back then, I had no idea how big of a chance this was. I didn’t even know the name of the magazine, I didn’t know that I would make a cover appearance, and didn’t know I would wear swimsuits.
I was so nervous that I only remember talking with Mayuyu-san about Sentan heroes, and Oshima-san saying to me, “Take a photo with me!”, and we took a 2shot photo.

Right after this, management suddenly stopped their promotion of Shimazaki Haruka.

It was often the case that I wasn’t one of the members chosen to appear in commercials whereas people around me and my juniors were. (←Kaspersky) At first, I was not good at acting in a group, so I had a difficult time building a good relationship with people, and there was a time that I had alopecia areata.

Takamina is actually a man!!

↑It’s not good to tell a lie!

Kojiharu worked together with Sawajiri Erika and TBS announcer, Masuda Erina in Harajuku Ronchazu.

Wikipedia: Harajuku Ronchazu

Is a variety TV show that delivers miscellaneous information. It aired on BS Asahi from 2000/12/4 to 2003/9/28, right after the BS digital broadcasting started.

This is the TV show that Sawajiri Erika, Marie (her assumed name at that time was Akagawa Koharu), Sato Megumi, Masuda Erina (now: TBS announcer), Kojima Haruna (now: AKB48) made their first TV appearances. In the final days of the program, Nakajima Ai (now: Seiyu) also made an appearance.

Kasai Tomomi was the Seiyu for Tenjo (the resident in the ceiling) in the Anime “Tentai Senshi Sun-Red”

The period when Komariko had been an unpopular junior idol.

3.11 is actually Shinoda Mariko’s birthday.

HIDE and Imawano Kiyoshiro died on Yasusu’s birthday.


↑I searched it and…. Yeah, they died on May 2.

The moment that I found out that Fujie’s cousin is Natsuyaki Miyabi from Berryz Kobo


The drawing ability of captain Katayama.

The fact the Kanon is a C-cup. And Sayanee is a D-cup.

There’s a member that was a former member of Hello!Project and whose little brother is a member of Johnny’s

Oshima Yuko was a member of Doll’s Vox.
In addition, Yokoyama Rurika (Idoling!) was also in Doll’s Vox.

Masuyama and Chikano were the first generation singers of Tarako・Tarako・Tarako.

Itano was a kids dancer for EXILE.

My former classmate has dropped out of school to join HKT48.

Wasamin posted too much updates on G+ on the release date of her solo debut single Mujineki and was temporarily banned by Google.
Afterwards, she had an interview about G+ from a newspaper.

Mocchi is the oldest member of French Kiss.

Nakayan is taller than Mocchi.

Lovetan’s surname reads “Ota” not “Tada”.
I think this is astounding for all Japanese.
By the way, I realized this in this year’s election.

Yuko appeared in the Drama “Antique”.

↑When I first found that out, I was really surprised.
I was watching the Drama real-time, and I clearly remembered her appearance because it was in the serious episode where a person dies.

I arrived at the venue for the Handshake event after riding on midnight bus, only to find that my Oshi got fired.

↑ yeah I think that was a shocking moment for their Oshi.

“才加” reads Sayaka.
“明香” reads Sayaka.
And “彩” reads Sayaka. What’s going on in names of Japanese people?

The confession from one member that she was told by several guys that they loved her during a school trip.

Maeda and Nakaya went to the same secondary school.

There was a member that was announced her absence from Stage performance because she needed to study for makeup exam.

Ogi: “How do you feel? Have you ever visited the men’s room?”Yonezawa: “No, this is the first time for me, and because I held on to my ideal image of men’s room, I’m actually shocked.”

Ogi: “Probably because you created your image based on a Drama or something?”
Yonezawa: “Because that’s the only source of information….”
Ogi: “You know what? Dramas never depict the truth!!”
Yonezawa: “Really? Please stop ruining my dream!! ”
This is an elegant lie….

↑You made me laugh so hard.

Miyazawa’s father was in the TV show “Let’s play with your mom, Pin Pon Pan”.

Why has no one mentioned Jurina’s age!?!? lol 

↑That is something that everyone has to go through.

Takamina’s height and birthday.

Acchan’s breakfast.

Akisun sung Leopalace’s commercial song.

Goma-chan’s voice.

The reading of “上西恵”, a member of NMB.
I thought it was “Uenishi or Kaminishi Megumi”.

↑You absolutely make sense.

Masuda’s childhood cancers.
Kasai and Takajo’s sisters are Geinoujin (Show-Biz people).
They released a single that contains a song where an idol group sings the chorus.
Togasaki is an alma mater of Tsukubadai Fuzoku (← Super elite school!! lol)

Yokoyama calls her mother, “Mama”.

Harukyan has a black belt in Judo.

Once, when Tomochin didn’t appear on the Stage, Yuko acted as her Under.

The reason that Nito Moeno applied to AKB audition → “I want to change the my destiny”

The reason that Manatsu applied to SKE audition → “I want to stop being so shy around people.”

Anyway, it’s so exhilarating when you find out that a member has the same birthday as you.