AKB48 27th Single "Gingham Check" First Day Sales Reached 906,000 copies

  August 29, 2012

This is such a mediocre number….. I have no idea this is good or bad…..

Couldn’t reach 1 million…….GWW ><

Better than expected? Yes.

It absolutely because of the release of 4th album two weeks ago…

First day sales of AKB’s past singles – From Oricon Daily chart

**906,617 Gingham Check
1,170,554 Manatsu no SG
1,025,952 Frage
1,045,937 Kazefuki
**966,529 GMF
**959,280 Uemari
**942,475 Evikatsu
**655,344 Sakuragi
**568,095 Beginner
**471,242 Chanjun
**340,487 Hebirote

I’m shocked as this is far better than I expected….

At least I’m relieved as it looks like it will reach one million.

I was worried as even First Limited editions haven’t sold out yet…

The release of this single is followed by the Album release and Tokyo dome concert, but still they didn’t decrease the number that much. I think it’s a considerably good result!

・ Assan isn’t in AKB48 anymore (HS event-wise, this means a lot.)
・Tokyo dome and 4th album made Ota’s wallet empty
Probably these are the main reasons?

Despite the sales of theater version has been severely decreased,
The overall sales hasn’t decreased that much.
I think it’s because of the fact that this is Election single and many of light fans bought the single because it had tons of media exposure.
And hardcore fans couldn’t buy tons of theater versions as they already spent up their money for the album…..

The fall single will definitely sell million for the first day!
From any angle, it’s hard to sell good when Single is released 2 weeks after a release of Album…

Wait…. But I think, this time, they barely managed to grab money from Atsuko Ota by containing “Yume no Kawa” in the single….

I’m looking forward to see how the sales of each of 3 versions will be different!!!

The real outcome will be decided by 28th single.