NMB48 to release it’s 6th single on November 7

  August 22, 2012

NMB48 to release it’s 6th single on November 7

Oh come on, they will hold the commemorating Stage at the NMB48 THEATER!?!?

Nov 7….. it’s too soon, man. Too soon…..

But consider the tie-up campaign with Samurai Edge, this release date is not that surprising at all.

↑Yeah this is absolutely per for the course.

Following the tie-up for MinMinDaha, Tokiwa Yakuhin Kogyo then offers a NMB member a nice job again! Thank you!!
(This company also hires JKT members for it’s skin care product line called Nameraka Honpo)

So, they strictly follow the pace to release one single every 3 months,
But don’t you think this is too fast?

Feb 8th Junjo U-19
May 9th Nagiichi
Aug 8th Verginity
Nov 7th 6th
It’s absolutely following the set rhythm of their release.

But I think this fast release pace is gonna make it hard to sell their singles….

But giving it an enough time in between releases won’t guarantee good sales, either.

Come on, I’m stunned as they didn’t announce the Shonichi Stage of N3rd….

They released too many single in such a short period of time…..
It spoils the excitement of eagerly waiting for an announcement of new single release…..

But don’t you think it’s nice to add more songs to their repertoire?