Dance Battle of 14 gen members! (16 photos)

  September 10, 2012

As a part of today’s HS event at Makuhari Messe, Chiba ( 14gen members were divided into 2 teams and ordered to fight each other.

This mini event is titled “Gachi Dance Battle (Serious Dance Battle) ~ She is your peer same generation member? That doesn’t matter when it comes to performance!! JUST CRUSH em!!!!”

Each team was assigned to song, “Renai Kinshi Jorei” for team A, and “Seifuku Resistance” for team B. They practiced choreography of each song during the event, and performed it in front of audiences in the last portion of the event.

A team (Hashimoto, Nishino and Maeda)
B team (Kojima, Okada and Uchiyama)

The battle ended in a draw as both team scored 58.

“Never forget what you felt and experienced today”, Togasaki sent a warm encouraging word to the new family members of us.

 Team A “Renai Kinshi Jorei”

 Team B “Seifuku Resistance”


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