AKB members are joining the MV filming for 28th Single after "Abnormally tough dance lesson"!?!?

  August 30, 2012
Shinoda Mariko 7:01am 29 August 2012

I finished an abnormal dance lesson( *;`ω´)

It took 3 days for professional dancers to remember this choreography….
There’s no way that I can learn it in one day lol
Anyway, let’s go back home and prepare for the next session ( ; _ ; )/~~~
Tomorrow, we will join the filming for MV~~~ I’m having muscular pain today~!

If they’ll do things as they always did, the fall Single = strenuous dancing
Anyway, what was the filming in Utsunomiya all about?

Tommy Kono 5 August 2012

Otsumina~ What kind of filming are they having?? No idea~

Umechan, Yuko, Rena, Mayuyu, Tomochin, Takamina, Kojiharu, Akicha, Tomo~mi, Ktarie and Sashiko are probably filming at the same time~

Without top 2 members of NMB, Jurina and all team 4 members~


Doesn’t this suggest something like, “Mariko-sama to make her solo debut”??? lol

↑I also thought of the possibility a little haha

Shimazaki Haruka 29 August 2012 (Deleted)

I’m worn out as I’ve been dancing for this two weeks…
I was dancing whole day today as well.

This is what Paruru wrote on her G+ comments form yesterday (deleted already)
If this is for the fall single, it’s certain that she will be Senbatsu!?

Kojima Haruna 29 August 2012

Hello~ I’m back home~!! Because I’ve been dancing all day long, my body hurts~~~!!
I joined the photo shoot for GLAMOROUS magazine, too♪
It was awesome(бUб) I want to show you asap!!

She talked about the filming of an MV, but it doesn’t mean this is for the filming for the title song of the single….

“Beginner” taste?

I thought they already filmed the MV in Utsunomiya…..

So what is the most difficult choreography of all AKB songs so far??

It seems that Endroll, Mammoth, ALIVE  and Beginner have the hardest choreo, I think?

“Seishun no Inazuma”

Probably…..performing GM5 live is the hardest….